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Brother Color Laser Printers – Affordable, High-Output Color Printing Solutions

Brother HL 4070CDW Color Laser Printer, Built-In Duplex Printing, Wireless Interface
Brother HL 4070CDW
Brother color laser printers provide quality, affordable solutions for small business and home office customers.

This technology wasn’t available to customers at the lower end of the price scale a few years ago, but Brother’s range makes color laser models available for between $299.99 and $599.99.

If efficient, high quality printing is essential to your small business, Brother’s range of color lasers may provide exactly the model you need – for just the right price.

Why use a laser printer over an inkjet? Well, inkjet printers do tend to produce better quality color prints – however, they are relatively expensive to run. From a business perspective, it often doesn’t make sense to incur the extra cost of ink in order to achieve a slightly higher quality output.

Besides, laser printers can now produce quality that is more than sufficient for most of the printing needs of the majority of small businesses.

Top Features of Brother Color Laser Printers

Brother has put a lot of thoughts into the needs of small business users when it comes to printing. That’s why almost all of the color laser printers on offer from Brother have networking capabilities, a handful of which include wireless networking.

Several of Brother’s laser printers also feature automatic duplex printing (double-sided printing). This feature will not be required for many users, so there’s no point getting sucked in and buying a more expensive model with the duplex feature unless you have some specific purpose for it. However, if you do have a specific purpose for creating double-sided documents, you can do so relatively inexpensively by buying a Brother color laser.

Brother’s printers are also designed to conveniently print large quantities of documents. Most come with a standard paper tray that fits 250 or 300 pages, and many have the option of adding additional paper trays. This helps increase efficiency in the office as there’s less downtime spent changing paper.

In general, Brother does a good job of keeping the cost of its consumables (products such as toner) low. This means that generally Brother’s color laser units are cheap to own and run in the long term compared to many competing units.

Downsides of Brother Color Printers

Brother’s color lasers definitely fall behind some of their competitors in one major way: print speed. Brother’s printer models all offer print speeds around 20 pages per minute, some less than that. This is still reasonably fast, but it may not be sufficient for the needs of some high-output users. However, for the most part Brother’s color laser models are single-pass units, which means printing color images takes the same amount of time as printing in black and white.

Of course, there are downsides to color laser printers in general. They aren’t capable of producing the same vibrant, intense colors as an inkjet printer – but this is a shortcoming of the technology, rather than Brother’s designs.

Popular Models

Here are a few of Brother’s color laser models that have proven to be popular with users:

HL 4070CDW Color Laser Printer
Offering brilliant color output and fast print speeds, the HL 4070CDW Color Laser Printer comes complete with Duplex printing and Wireless Networking.

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