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Brother HL 5250DN – Black and White, High Performance Network Machine

The Brother HL 5250DN is a black and white laser printer designed for office network use. This machine is designed for high performance, with more standard memory (and the potential for upgrades) than most Brother models or competing multifunction units. It can handle regular print jobs from multiple computers and is easily connected via its built-in Ethernet interface.

Top Features of the HL 5250DN

Brother HL 5250DN Network Ready Laser Printer
Brother HL 5250DN
The real benefits of this model come from the ease involved in using it as a network printer. The Ethernet interface makes it ideal for sharing as part of a work group within a small office environment.

It delivers a relatively high quality of printing and can produce prints quickly, plus it comes with a duplex printing (that is, double-sided printing) function which further expands the flexibility of the machine in terms of the types of documents that can be created with it.

It also shines when it comes to paper capacity. A 50-sheet multi-purpose tray plus a 250-sheet paper tray come standard, and you also have the option of adding one or two extra trays. With these features, this machine really stands out as a high output machine that also maintains a high level of print quality. If your business involves a lot of network sharing between a team or teams and you need to print a large quantity of documents, this machine will help keep the office running smoothly and keep projects on schedule.

In terms of exact specifications, this printer is capable of producing prints at up to 1200x1200 dpi resolution. It can print up to 30 pages per minute.

Downsides of the HL 5250DN

Although this may seem like a multifunction printer, it’s not in the true sense of the word. It’s only capable of printing – it can’t scan, copy or fax. But it does print to a very high quality.

One of the only major downsides to the machine are the fact that it can be quite noisy, but this isn’t a major concern for many users. On the other hand, Brother’s printers have been known to often have problems with paper feeding mechanisms, and this printer is no exception. Some units will have a tendency to have regular paper jams or not feed paper along the right alignment.

Consumer Response to the HL 5250DN

Consumers experiences with the HL 5250DN are overwhelmingly positive. It lives up to all the marketing claims Brother makes for it and serves the printing needs of small office groups almost faultlessly in most circumstances.

One point often raised is the fact that this printer uses toner rather than ink makes it much more cost-effective, which is always good from a business perspective. In terms of speed and quality, this unit can’t really be faulted.

Most consumers find the machine extremely easy to both set up and use. Of course, it’s network-ready features and the easy set-up of duplex printing are also features that earn this machine a lot of praise from satisfied owners.

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