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Trust Brother Label Printers To Create Your Own High Quality Signs, Banners, Name Badges, Shipping Labels, Barcodes And Other Labeling Solutions You Require

Brother label printers provide high quality, low cost professional solutions to virtually any labeling problems.

You can use them at home and in the workplace saving you both time and money.

These labelers are ideal for printing address labels and mailing labels for shipping important packages.

You can also use these versatile Brother labelers for creating price tags, visitor badges, signs and banners for your business or labeling items around the house such as CD/DVD's and food preparation items. Some of Brother’s machines can also be used for printing barcodes or image and logo labels.

Brother QL Label Printers At A Glance

Model/Specs QL 500 QL 570 QL 580N QL 650TD QL 1050 QL 1060N
Operation Mode PC PC PC / Alone PC / Alone PC / Alone PC / Alone
Cutter Manual Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto
Cutter Life Die Cut 10000 300000 300000 10000 300000 300000
Cutter Life Continous 5000 150000 150000 5000 150000 150000
Print Speed Lab Per Min 50 68 68 56 69 69
Print Width Inches (Max) 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.3 3.9 3.9
Tape Width Inches (Max) 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4 4 4
Label Length Feet (Max) 3 3 3 3 9.8 9.8
Max DPI Resolution 300x300 300x600 300x600 300x300 300x300 300x300
Memory (MB) NA NA 8 0.266 2 8

Why Choose Brother Label Printing Devices?

Brother QL 570 Professional Label Printer
Brother QL 570
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Ease of use is one of the biggest selling points of label printers from Brother. Brother’s label machines are straightforward to use for two reasons.

One is the simplicity of setting up and using the powerful P-touch label editing software that links the device to a PC or Mac.

The other factor is the basic and intuitive layout of the buttons on the machine, which makes it easy to figure out how to perform different functions quickly.

The multitude of purposes that can be served by this range of label printers is another big plus. They’re extremely versatile in terms of the types and sizes of label they can print. Along with features like addresses, price tags or name badges, some of these machines are ideal for printing bar code stickers.

High resolution is another point that needs to be mentioned in relation to this range. The best of Brother’s label machines can print in resolutions up to 300 x 600 dpi. This high resolution printing is a feature of the QL 570 label printer. This is a good model to choose if your label printing needs will involve printing a lot of graphics or you want to include a logo, since the higher dpi resolution will result in clearer, more professional-looking images.

Another aspect of Brother’s label printing range that ought to be mentioned is print speed. The speed of these machines ranges from around 50 to 70 labels per minute. Some feature automatic cutters, apart from the QL 500 which features a manual cutter, which makes the printing process faster and more streamlined as well.

Label Anything With A Brother QL Label Printer

Watch this short video and see how many different ways you can use a Brother label printer to customize your files, folders, CD/DVD's and everything else you can find around your office or home.

What Didn't Consumers Like About Brother Label Printers?

Lack of integration with Macs is one drawback of this range. While the machines can still function properly linked up to a Mac, Brother have gone out of their way to make sure their printers are compatible with various Windows programs like Excel and Word.

These compatibility measures have not been taken for Mac users, so if you own a Mac you might find a Brother label printer a little more clunky in that respect than if you were using Windows. That said, if you are a Windows user the P-Touch software makes it extremely easy to customize and print labels just as you want them.

Also, you need to make sure the specific printer you buy is suited to the purpose you need it for. While across the range of printers offered by Brother most possible label printing purposes are covered, each specific machine is better suited to unique purposes. For instance, the QL 1060N is a wide format printer but it’s not well-suited to printing postage barcodes.

Where To Buy Brother Label Printers?

You can buy Brother labelers all over the world, but if you live in the US, I have found them at online stores such as: Super Warehouse, New Egg, Best Buy, Office Depot and I usually buy most of my stuff online from as they offer free shipping and are a pretty reputable company who are usually the cheapest.

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