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Brother Labels – For Any Labeling Need

Brother labels products allow you to quickly and easily produce high quality labels for shipping or other purposes. The label range from Brother is sold under the DK brand name. There are several different types of label available in the range, including continuous long rolls and pre-cut rolls. Both paper and film labels are available.

Types of Labels from Brother

Let’s take a look at the variety of labels on offer from Brother, what their individual benefits are and what each one might be used for.

Die Cut Labels – these label rolls are divided up into the sizes and shapes often used for various label applications around the office or home. Using these labels just simplifies the process – if you need to print a bunch of similar labels, like shipping labels, you can just use a pre-cut roll.

If you need more flexibility in sizing, you can opt for a continuous roll. These die cut labels are available in both paper and film. Film labels are tougher and tend to last longer than paper labels, and they’re best for labeling items like CDs or DVDs.

Continuous Roll Labels – as mentioned, these rolls give you a bit more flexibility with the size and shape of labels. With a continuous roll, you choose how big you want each label to be. These labels are also available in paper and film, but there’s also a removable variety.

The film labels are also available in different colors, including clear labels, which again adds an extra level of flexibility.

All in all, the types of labels Brother offers will cover most of your needs. If you need simple shipping labels, the basic die-cut paper products will do the job. But if you need something more complicated, like a long banner-style label, this can also be covered with a continuous roll.

Printer Compatibility With Brother Labels

Before you purchase labels, you need to be aware that not all DK labels are compatible with all the label printers Brother manufactures. Because of the different label sizes and types each printer is capable of producing, some papers won’t give you good results in a particular machine. Check the packaging or information online to ensure the labels are compatible with your printer before you buy.

Consumer Response to DK Labels

Most users are satisfied with the results they get from DK labels. Good points often mentioned include how easy it is to change a roll. Each roll comes with it’s own plastic hanger, so it’s simply a case of subbing out the old empty roll and slotting in the new one.

In particular, many users of the Brother QL 500 find DK labels are ideal for creating their shipping labels. The pre-cut labels are perfect for printing address and then immediately attached them to their packages.

The only factor on which people sometimes trip up is the label sizes. Remember that Brother offers a variety of label sizes for different purposes, so you need to double check that you have the right size before you hand over your money.

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