Brother MFC 240C Multifunction Color Printer

Brother MFC 240C Multifunction Color Printer

by Myrtle White
(Tulsa, OK)

Brother MFC 240C

Brother MFC 240C

I own the Brother MFC 240C and have had it for at least 4 years now and has still been very reliable. Using it couldn't be any more simple, and adding paper and ink is really as much as I have to do.

Installing the Brother MFC 240C printer was no problem and only requires plugging in two cords; one in the wall and one in the computer. The ink can be expensive if bought at a retailer but have found much cheaper cartridges online. Single cartridges were around $12 at the stores but online I was able to purchase ten cartridges for only $18.

The printer includes not only printing but scanning, copying, and faxing. I haven’t used the faxing part of it but scanning and copying work really well. The printer will also tell you the ink levels of each cartridge, and will automatically clean itself when needed. This can be annoying sometimes especially when it decides to do it at 3 am.

When printing, the noise isn’t too bad but isn’t the quietest thing I’ve heard either. The look of the Brother MFC 240C printer is nice as well and could really go in any room without looking out of place.

It does weigh probably close to 20 pounds, but that’s not much of a problem unless it is being moved around a lot. The only sort of malfunctions I’ve ran into are paper jams, which don’t happen very often and are usually due to my mistake. Even when paper does jam, it is usually pretty easy to unjam.

I would recommend this Brother MFC 240C to anyone because it is an overall quality product that gets the job done when needed. It has easy to read buttons and doesn’t take much knowledge to make use of it. It’s great for an average person who prints maybe a few times a week, but for someone who is printing all the time I would recommend a faster printer.

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