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Brother MFC 7220 – Compact Home User Multifunction Machine

The Brother MFC 7220 is a multifunction printer intended for use in home environments. It’s suitable for home office use, providing printing, scanning, copying and faxing, as well as PC faxing. The unit is quite compact relative to some of Brother’s other multifunction models.

Top Features of the MFC 7220

Brother MFC 7220 Laser Multifunction Printer
Brother MFC 7220
The MFC 7220 offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to printing various types of documents. For instance, the 250-sheet paper tray is adjustable to fit legal-size paper or letters.

The machine is also compatible with the printing of envelopes and labels, which are activities that may be necessary for some home-based businesses. The machine provides a cost-effective solution to many of the challenges a home business operator may face.

One of the other major benefits of this machine is that it can send faxes as a standalone system. That means you don’t have to have it connected to a PC in order to send faxes, and it can fax while your computer is turned off.

The auto document feeder on this model doesn’t hold as many pages as some of Brother’s other multifunction units – only 20 pages. But in many respects this is a stripped-down, bare essentials multifunction printer designed to serve relatively simple, but diverse, needs.

Downsides of the MFC 7220

The 7220 is a reliable, solid machine for the purpose it’s designed to serve, but it’s definitely at the lower end of the scale in terms of features. As with many other Brother printers, the majority of problems with the 7220 come from potential malfunctions rather than limitations on the way the machine runs.

As a basic unit for scanning, printing, faxing and copying, it has all the needs of a home office covered – but if your particular machine plays up, you may run into issues. But as long as your machine functions the way it was intended to, you should find it meets all your requirements for a small home-based operation.

Consumer Response to the MFC 7220

Consumers who buy this model from Brother generally love the results. The machine consistently produces quality results across its entire range of functions, and the quality is impressive with respect to the price. Users have also given the machine praise for its ease of set-up and use, its compact size and the simple layout of the user interface.

As mentioned, some customers report malfunctions with this model, which is the cause of the majority of negative feedback surrounding it (although feedback in general is overwhelming positive). In other words, most customers are more than satisfied with what they get for their money when they buy this model, but the few who get stuck dealing with customer service are typically left unsatisfied.

One common complaint about this and other Brother models is that the auto document feeder sometimes jams or doesn’t feed paper in straight, meaning you have to feed paper manually – a big hassle that slows work down quite a bit.

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