Brother MFC 7340 Multifunction Laser Printer - Not Color

Brother MFC 7340 Multifunction Laser Printer - Not Color

by Emilio Frey
(Largo, FL)

Brother MFC 7340

Brother MFC 7340

I’m the proud owner of a quirky MFC-7340, manufactured by Brother. I purchased it in person when one of those office supplies stores was having a deal – hand in a used, unwanted printer and receive $50 off of a new purchase. It seemed logical: I had an old inkjet that was eating up more money than a puppy and I was sick of it, why not trade it for a better device?

The Brother MFC 7340 was perfect for me. It’s compact for typical all-in-ones (scanning, faxing, copying, and printing), but certainly bulkier than other printers with less options. For roughly $200, you get a neat monochrome laser printer that has all the features you need. It’s a fairly easy-to-use printer, with a picture guide to instruct you on initial set-up as well as how to replace toners and drums.

Printing with the Brother MFC 7340 is very straightforward – it is a little on the slow side for a laser printer and it does not allow for duplex printing. However, the printer has a built-in pathway for printing papers of unusual size and thickness. I have successfully fed in and printed on cardstock with great results.

The prints come out clean and dark, and quality can be adjusted depending on toner usage. Another great feature of the MFC-7340 was the option of "toner save mode," which allows you to save toner by decreasing the print resolution.

The toner already included in the purchase has lasted me roughly a year of average printing, and deals online
make toner significantly cheaper than its inkjet alternative. Online deals for toner help buyers remain frugal. The downsides to the Brother MFC 7340 are weak manufacturing.

Brother seems to have saved some money on their end by shaving down the plastic. The walls of the printer feel weak and have some give when pressed; the tray also sticks when pulling out, making the entire endeavor a little more nerve-wracking.

However, nothing has broken yet so I imagine with careful handling that this printer will last another couple of years. Another problem I’ve run into is that the toner is difficult to remove. Even following the guide, I still find it difficult to remove correctly and efficiently; with labels of "DO NOT TOUCH" posted in the corners where you seemingly have to touch, attempting to remove the toner induces a little anxiety.

Due to the slower speed, I would not recommend this Brother MFC 7340 printer for a small business that needs its print-outs immediately. The printer takes a few moments to warm up before printing. However, I would recommend it for college students and home-use, or other home businesses that do not have such urgency.

All in all, I would have to say I favor this printer over others. The scanning and copying come in handy, as well as the overall cost (compared to other laser printers) and the longevity of each toner cartridge (roughly 5,000 prints) means you will save money in the long run. Take good care of it and it will take care of you.

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