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Brother MFC 7420 – Simple Home and Small Office Solution

The Brother MFC 7420 is one of Brother’s multifunction range aimed at home office and small business users. It combines flatbed copying with quality laser printing and a fax capability all in one unit. If you’re in the market for an affordable business-ready printer that can cover a range of options for visual and written communications, this model is definitely worth a second look.

Top Features of the Brother MFC 7420

Brother MFC 7420 Flatbed Laser Multi-Function Printer
Brother MFC 7420
There aren’t any extremely impressive bells and whistles that leap out at you with this product. It’s a practical machine that serves several very practical purposes, and its features reflect that.

It has a big paper capacity – a 250-sheet tray – so you don’t have to be constantly reloading it throughout the day if you need to produce a large output. It also has a 35-page document feeder which is ideal for fax or creating copies of longer documents.

The flatbed design also makes the machine easier to use in some respects. It makes it easier to line up documents correctly, making sure they’re positioned just right for faxing, resizing, and so on.

Downsides of the MFC 7420

Brother claims that the 7420 is fast when it comes to printing and copying, although compared to some competing models it falls short in this respect. It’s only capable of putting out around 20 copies per minute. That said, the selling points of this model are more tied to its multifunctionality. It provides a range of possibilities, but it doesn’t do a stand out job of any of them.

It’s a challenge to create a multifunction printer that can do a better job of copying than a dedicated, top-of-the-range copier, or create crisper, clearer prints than a state-of-the-art printer. The 7420 is no exception in this respect, but it definitely does a good job of offering high quality in all its functions compared to some competing models.

If you need nothing less than the best for any aspect of your printed communications, this model probably won’t be sufficient. If you just want a machine with a range of functions which does a passable job of each, the 7420 is a fine candidate. In other words, this is not a specialized machine, but it can definitely cover all the needs of most small business owners and do so reliably.

The design of the printer, while it may help for ease of use, also makes it bulky and difficult to move around.

Consumer Response to the MFC 7420

This printer has definitely won itself some raving fans. Many people who purchase the MFC 7420 are small business owners, either working from home or out of a small office, and typically they upgrade to this machine from one that may already be well out of date. By comparison to many other models used by small businesses, the 7420 provides a lot of ease of use. Having multiple functions executed well by a single machine saves space and time in the office.

One of the major complaints about this machine is its incompatibility with Macs. Mac owners have come across difficulties installing and running the software needed to make the printer work.

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