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Brother MFC 8860DN – Advanced Multifunction Printer

The Brother MFC 8860DN is one of Brother’s more advanced models in terms of its capabilities. It includes networking functions and duplex printing (that is, printing on both sides of a sheet of paper). The machine is intended for use in home offices and small business environments which rely heavily on network interaction and versatility when it comes to printed communications.

Top Features of the MFC 8860DN

Brother MFC 8860DN Flatbed Laser All-in-One Printer with Duplex
Brother MFC 8860DN
One of the big selling points of this unit is its efficient use of ink. Replacement toner cartridges are relatively inexpensive and toner tends to last longer than in many competing models, meaning this machine has a fairly low cost per page.

When you take into account its efficient energy use as indicated by its Energy Star rating, overall this machine has a low total cost of ownership.

The sheer range of features offered by this machine is also worth noting. It prints, it scans, it copies, it faxes, it offers double-sided printing (as well as double-sided faxing and scanning), and it’s network ready. Virtually everything you could conceivably want to do for a small business in terms of visual and printed communications can be done with this machine. It even allows you to scan or copy documents up to legal-size.

In terms of networking capabilities, the machine offers interfaces for USB, Ethernet, or parallel set-up. So you can put the printer on a local area network, or link it up to print from a single computer.

Downsides of the MFC 8860DN

There aren’t really many bad things to say about this machine. In terms of its features and its performance, it will more than live up to the standards of most users.

The only problems with the machine tend to occur at times when a unit malfunctions, but as long as your model is working as it should, you should find you have few complaints. High-workload users should be aware that after 100,000 prints, you may have to replace the fuser on the machine, which can cost several hundred dollars.

Consumer Response to the MFC 8860DN

All in all, reviews of the 8860DN are positive for the most part. Users are generally satisfied by the speed and efficiency of the machine and the quality of each of its functions. The machine has also been praised for how easy it is to set up and install the operating software, and how quietly it operates.

As mentioned, the negative feedback on this product generally relates to malfunctioning of the machine and a lack of helpful customer support on Brother’s end. This occurs with virtually every technological product.

Complaints that spring up tend to center around drops in printing quality after a certain number of prints or certain processes that stop functioning correctly after time. While the majority of users have a good experience, bear in mind the possibility that you may end up with one of these units that goes haywire after a while.

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