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Brother MFC Ink – Bright, Sharp Images with Innobella Ink

Using Brother MFC ink will help you get the best possible output from Brother’s multifunction inkjet printers. Brother’s ink and paper technologies are sold under the brand name of Innobella.

What’s Better About Brother MFC Ink?

Brother takes a lot of pride in its ink. This is largely based around the quality of the prints that can be created with it. It’s unusual for a multifunction machine to be able to produce top-notch quality images in terms of color brightness and sharpness, but this is now possible with the use of Brother’s MFC ink.

On top of the quality of the images you can print using Brother’s ink, it also appeals to consumers in another major way – it’s cheap. One of the biggest downsides of owning an inkjet printer is the high cost of ownership. If you do a lot of printing, the cost of cartridges soon starts to stack up. This is one factor Brother has tried to address with the Innobella ink range.

Image sharpness is another point that makes Brother ink for its multifunction models stand out. To truly appreciate this you need to use a Brother MFC in conjunction with both Brother ink and their specially formulated paper. The paper includes a special coating which helps prevent the ink from spreading once it has been applied to the paper. This in turns allows Brother’s MFC printers to "color within the lines" to a high degree, resulting in a sharp print which is true to the image you see on a computer screen.

Creating Prints with Richer Colors

You may be curious as to how Brother managed to create an ink which produces rich-colored prints and extremely sharp images. Some clever new innovations and shifts in the use of technology have led to this forward leap in ink quality.

With Innobella, Brother has entirely shifted the color gamut they use in the ink. Any inkjet printer produces color by blending several base colors together – this is why with an inkjet the paper with pass through several times to receive more than one spray. With Innobella, the cartridges contain different colors than typical inks that have been used in the past, leading to brighter, clearer images which come closer to achieving true photo quality.

Customer Response to Innobella Ink

Innobella ink is a big step forward for Brother, and customers have acknowledged that in their positive response to these products. On top of the quality of the prints they produce, customers have also noted several other features that make these ink cartridges more user friendly. For one thing, they’re not messy – everyone who owns an old inkjet has experienced ink stained hands after changing a cartridge. They’re also easy to fit and remove.

This has a lot to do with the slimline design of the cartridges themselves. Customers also acknowledge the cheapness of these ink cartridges and the fact that they last longer than a lot of competing brands. In other words, Brother has really covered all the bases with their new ink products.

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