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Brother Multifunction Printers – Flexibility and Quality in One Machine

Brother multifunction printers are amongst the leaders in the market in terms of the range of functions they provide and the quality they produce. Many multifunction printers are "Jack of all trades, master of none" affairs – they can serve a number of roles, but they don’t do anything particularly well.

Brother’s range of multifunctions means home users and small business people can now afford multifunction machines that really deliver quality performance for a number of diverse tasks. On top of that, these machines are competitively priced and can effectively save you hundreds of dollars over buying separate, purpose-specific models.

There are four categories of multifunction machines produced by brother. These are color inkjets, color laser printers, black and white laser printers, and laser/LED printers.

Overall, Brother multifunctions are a good choice if you need to use multiple functions on a daily basis. It streamlines the work process by allowing a team to repeatedly use a single machine for several purposes. Not only does it increase worker efficiency, it lowers overall costs in the workplace by reducing the upfront costs of bringing various capabilities into the workplace and reducing the costs of printing, faxing and copying over the long term.

Color Inkjet Multifunctions

Brother offers a wide range of color inkjet multifunction models, ranging from basic units at $79.99 through to more advanced models up to $349.99. More advanced models include extra features such as duplex (double-sided) printing and network capabilities. Several of Brother’s color inkjets also include large LCD screens which allow you to see in detail what you’re about to print – and the quality produced differs little from what you see on screen.

Laser/LED Multifunctions

These machines are a little pricier than the color inkjets, and they’re best suited to a business environment where a team is making use of the single printer. These units from Brother provide all the necessary functions for a business environment – printing, scanning, copying, faxing – although they’re relatively slow in their printing speeds compared to some of Brother’s other multifunctions. But what these machines lack in speed they more than make up for in quality and a low cost of ownership.

Color Laser Multifunctions

Color lasers provide more affordable, high output solutions than inkjet printers. Brother’s inkjet models are effective solutions if you require a low printing output, but color quality absolutely must be top notch. Brother’s color laser multifunctions, on the other hand, will deliver a respectable quality for most projects while also being affordable in terms of purchase price and long term operating costs.

Black and White Laser Multifunctions

Brother multifunction printers are ideal for business situations in which you’ll primarily be printing, copying or faxing documents rather than images. But these machines are definitely not to be viewed as being more basic than color models. For instance, some of the more advanced black and white multifunctions Brother produces can print at up to 32 pages per minute and allow for multiple networking interfaces, including Ethernet and USB 2.0.

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