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Brother Printers Offer Inkjet, All-In-One Multifunction And Color Laser Machines In Many Different Models

Brother HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer
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Brother HL2270DW
Brother printers are intended to provide great value for money by combining high performance with low pricing relative to competitors.

Brother aims to serve both personal home users and businesses large and small. The range of laser/LED and multifunction printers they produce is reflective of those general goals.

Brother International Corporation was established in the U.S. in 1954 as a marketing subsidiary of the Japanese Brother Industries, Ltd. The parent company was established in 1908 in Nagoya, Japan. The company actually had its start manufacturing sewing machines, but it now produces all sorts of appliances including faxes and machine tools.

Brother has recently expanded its printer range even further to include mobile printing devices.

What Makes Brother Printers So Good?

One of the most obvious benefits of buying a Brother machine is the sheer range they have to offer. They sell units designed to service home offices as well as units to serve large corporations – and the scale of their price tags and customer value reflects those different end users.

They have a variety of models of color printers (which tend to be more expensive) as well as black and white printers. Black and white printers are adequate if you intend to mainly print written documents, whereas obviously someone printing photos or business presentations will require a color model.

Over the years Brother has won many awards for offering high quality, low cost printing solutions and also for providing superb customer value. Their most recent award is from PC magazine. Its readers nominated Brother as "Top-Dog" in all their categories related to laser printers.

Even The Best Printer Brands Get It Wrong Sometimes!

One problem that has been noted with Brother models in general is that printers using more than one ink cartridge sometimes freeze up when one cartridge runs out. The problem is easy to resolve but has caused a lot of stress to users who were unaware of this functional issue.

How Many Types Of Brother Printers Are Available?

When you look to buy any printer, you need to be aware that certain models operate by different mechanisms and therefore will be better suited to particular purposes. For example, if you are doing large print jobs, then a laser printer may be the fastest and most cost effective solution.

Choosing the right type of printer for your needs is essential to a satisfying purchase, so here’s a quick breakdown on what Brother offers for different categories of users.

Home Office/Personal Models – Brother’s printer range is designed to provide cost effective home printing solutions, with basic black and white printers starting from $119.99. For a home office set up, it doesn’t cost much more to pick up a basic network-ready printer. They also offer affordable multi-function copiers if your needs are more advanced. However, if you want a printer primarily for images, you can pick up an inkjet printer from Brother for as little as $79.99.

Small Business Models – If you need to make heavy use of printers for business needs but you don’t have a big budget, Brother provides a range of network-ready printers for under $400 – both black and white and color models.

Large Business Models – Models suitable for big business use are actually not that much more expensive than Brother’s small business offerings – and this may be where Brother printers start to fall short on delivering the necessary quality.

LED And Color Laser Printers

Brother's color printers with LED technology offer fast, high quality printing. They are great for printing reports, brochures and presentations with a professional appearance and rich color. At present they offer the HL3040CN and HL3040CW, both with networking capabilities and print speeds up to 17ppm.

Brother Color Laser Printers are available as a range of HL series models and make low cost printing accessible from your home. The HL4150CDN comes with a networking interface and offers duplex printing to save you money on printing costs while the HL4570CDW offers wireless networking and also provides duplex printing.

If you have a large print run to complete, the HL4570CDWT offers the addition of a second paper tray and print speeds up to 30ppm.

Popular Models Of Brother Printers

Here are a few of the most popular models of printer on offer from Brother. Of course, bear in mind that simply because a printer is popular does not necessarily indicate it will meet your specific needs.

MFC 7420 – Multifunction Solution for Small Business
The MFC 7420 is a mid-range unit that does an adequate job of meeting the needs of home office and small business users.

MFC 7220 – Compact, Efficient Multifunction Unit
The MFC 7220 is a compact multifunction machine providing scanning, printing, faxing and copying for the home office or small business workplace.

HL 5250DN – Black and White Network Printer
The HL 5250DN is a high performance black and white printer from Brother which is ideal for networking situations.

MFC 8460N – Advanced and Affordable Multifunction
The MFC 8460N is one of the more advanced multifunction units sold by Brother, providing good value for money for small business owners with complex needs.

MFC 8860DN – Advanced Multifunction Printer
The MFC 8860DN is an advanced model offering features like duplex printing and easy networking.

QL 500 – Low Cost Label Printer
The QL 500 is a basic label printer from Brother which is suitable for uses such as printing shipping labels or labeling items around the house.

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