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Brother QL 500 – Basic, Affordable Label Printing System Using P-Touch Software

The Brother QL 500 is a low-cost label printer model which weighs about 2.9 pounds and is intended for use in small offices, home business scenarios or simply for labeling items around the house.

It is easy to setup and loaded with printing paper or other supplies as it has an auto sensor mechanism and can print standard address labels at up to 50 labels per minute.

This is a fairly basic unit, which must be connected to a PC or Mac using USB, but it does a good job for the price. It can also be used in a warehouse setting for printing labels with barcodes and shipping information.

What Are The Best Features Of The QL 500 Label Printer?

Brother P-Touch QL 500 Manual Cut PC Label Printing System
QL 500 Label Printer
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As I mentioned previously, one of the best features of this product is its printing speed.

The printer can generate up to 50 labels per minute. But this speed is not achieved by sacrificing quality – labels can be printed in up to 300dpi resolution using thermal print technology.

Of course this cost cutting technology has the added benefit of not requiring any use of toner, ribbons or ink. Saving you and your business money from the outset.

It can also print customized signage or banners on continuous rolls of film up to 3 feet long at a rate of 3 inchs per second.

The machine offers a built-in manual cutter, so you don’t have to worry so much about uneven edges on labels or ripped labels – but because this feature must be used manually, there’s still the chance for mistakes such as tearing off corners.

Another plus of this labeler is the fact that it can easily be linked up to a PC or Mac via a USB port. In terms of software it’s conveniently compatible with many programs in Microsoft Office, such as Excel, which makes printing directly from documents you’ve already created much smoother.

And as I mentioned above, the fact that it uses thermal printing means it’s relatively cheap to run compared to other label printing machines that use ink or toner.

Are There Any Drawbacks Or Downsides To Buying The Brother QL 500 Label Printer?

One thing that I noticed is that the QL 500 printer is slightly limited in the sizes of the labels it can produce compared to other label printers from Brother such as the QL 1050 and the QL1060N.

It can only print on labels up to 2.4 inches wide compared to the 4 inches of the other two.

Although don't think of this as a major disadvantage, because it will still be sufficient for many uses such as address labeling or creating price tags. But for applications that require larger labels, this machine just can’t measure up.

On the plus side, with a 2.4 inch label the machine can print almost edge-to-edge, so you don’t have to settle for a shrunken image or lettering. Beyond that, there aren’t many bad words to be said about this device – it does everything it claims to do, and does so well.

What's In The Box?

As soon as you receive your QL 500 with P-Touch software you can connect it to your PC or Mac with a USB cable and start printing straight away. It comes in the box complete with:
  • DK 1201 Diecut Address Labels Starter Roll
  • USB Cable
  • CD With P-Touch Software And User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

What Do Consumers Think About The QL 500?

The vast majority of consumers who buy this product are very happy with it. It performs equally as well, if not better than, many more expensive models made by competing brands. It’s also easier to set up and produces labels much faster than many of its competitors.

One of the other big points that has gained this machine so many fans is its flexibility and its application for unexpected uses. Many consumers buy it for a specific purpose, such as creating address labels for packages, but later find it useful for other purposes such as organizing and categorizing household items.

The only big complaints about this machine tend to revolve around the software it uses, but Brother has resolved many of these issues over time with updates.

This is one occasion when Brother responded to the negative criticism about a machine and took action steps to resolve the problem, so the printing system is now widely compatible with both Macs and PCs and works with a range of operating systems.

Where To Buy The Brother QL 500 Label Printer?

You can buy the Brother QL 500 label printer at many outlets online including some top companies such as: Best Buy, Office Depot and After doing some research I noticed that are about $5 cheaper than other online stores and also offer free shipping.

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