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Canon All in One Printers – Convenience for Home and Office

Canon All in One printers provide convenient multifunction solutions for both office and home environments. Canon’s all-in-one models can be divided into two main categories: Photo Inkjets and Office Inkjets. The use of inkjets makes Canon stand out from some of their competitors, many of which have designed their multifunction printers primarily as laserjets. This means that on the whole, while Canon’s multifunction printers may be more expensive to run in terms of ink, they generally produce better quality images than a multifunction using laserjet technology.

There is one large drawback of Canon multifunction in comparison to some competitors, such as Brother: many Canon all in one printers have the ability to copy and scan, but they don’t include faxing. This is something to keep in mind as you price shop, because if you buy a Canon model you may end up buying a fax machine separately.

Canon Photo Inkjet All-in-One Printers

One positive thing that can be said for Canon’s photo inkjet all-in-one printers is the fact that they make it very affordable to copy, scan and produce high quality color prints from a single machine. Consider the Pixma MP250, for example, one of Canon’s more basic multifunction units. This machine retails for around $69.99 and gives you the ability to copy scan, and print both documents and photos in high quality color.

At the other end of the price spectrum you’ll find models such as the Pixma MP990, which retails for around $300. This is one of Canon’s premium machines, boasting complete wireless printing capabilities amongst its many features. It includes a high resolution scanner and unique ink tank design which leads to top quality printing.

Canon Office Inkjet All-in-One Printers

Whereas the photo multifunction printers from Canon are designed more with home use or specific business purposes in mind, the office models are built for the more typical business scenarios – whether that happens to be a home office or workgroup in a small company.

Again, Canon has a price range that makes it easy to snap up a basic model at very low cost, as well as having more advanced machines for those with the budget and the need for extra features. The Pixma MX320 retails for only $59.99 and is designed particularly with home business operators in mind. But the range of capabilities it opens up for such a low price is astounding. With built-in fax capabilities this is one of the most cost-effective machines for a start-up business in need of printed communications technology.

With such a feature-packed model at the bottom of the price scale, it’s hard to get your head around what Canon has packed into the $400 Pixma MX7600. This machine features innovative print head design and a 5-ink system that allows for the production of sharp images in intensely bright color. This machine can pretty much do it all – although it’s an office printer, it can also produce top notch photo prints. Of course, it also includes networking capabilities and two-sided printing.

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