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Canon i950 Photo Printer – Outdated But Still Handy

The Canon i950 photo printer is the earlier version of the i960, but despite its age it can still hold its own when it comes to creating high quality photos at home. Most of the main features of the i960 were originally featured in this model, with the main difference being the step up in resolution quality in the i960. Other elements, such as the 2-picoliter nozzles for precise image printing, can be found here in the i950.

Top Features of the i950 Photo Printer

The biggest positive features of the i950 are its combination of image quality with high speed printing. In terms of pricing, the i950 is losing its competitive edge as many cheaper products which rival its print quality and offer extra features are beginning to enter the market.

The appearance of the printer itself is worth mentioning. While its cover is primarily plastic, the front and top are covered in a brushed panel of metal, which gives the printer an attractive and professional look. It would fit well into any home office.

Another top feature of this printer which deserves mention is how quietly it operates. Many inkjet printers are fairly noisy, which can be a distraction if you’re trying to work in a home office while printing photos. The i950 produces prints quietly so you can allow it to work in the background while you attend to other things.

One other big benefit of the i950 is its easy compatibility with both Macs and Windows PCs for editing and manipulating photos. Canon has produced two types of software for the unit: ImageBrowser for Mac and Easy-PhotoPrint for Windows. This will set many consumers’ minds at ease, since Canon are known to sometimes lag with Mac compatibility for their products.

Downsides of the Canon i950 Photo Printer

Although the i950 produces quality images, they’re simply not the best of the best compared to other printer models which are more competitive on price. Essentially, if top quality photo prints are what you’re after, you may end up paying too much for a product that can’t deliver what you’re expecting if you purchase the i950.

On top of that, the text printing output of this machine is not very impressive. If you’ll need to use your photo printer for document creation as well and those documents need to look professional, you’ll probably want to steer clear of the i950.

Consumer Response to the i950 Photo Printer

The i950 has received quite a mixed response from the general public since it was first released. Some users are satisfied with it as a high quality photo printer, but acknowledge its limitations for other purposes such as printing text documents. Many users are also aware that there are now better quality photo printers available that cost less than the i950.

That said, there are a few features which allow the i950 to carry on competing – for the most part its biggest selling points are the quietness of its operation and the speed at which it produces quality photos (although that speed is the same as the i960).

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