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Canon i960 Printer – Affordable, Quality Printing Solution

The Canon i960 printer is one of the top-range home photo printers produced by Canon. This printer technology is designed to allow you to print photos of a quality on par with any printing lab. The printer allows you to quickly produce frame-quality photos in any size between 4 x 6 and 8.5 x 11 inches.

Top Features of the Canon i960 Photo Printer

The high quality of the photos produced by the i960 results from a combination of two main features. One of these is the fact that the printer can process images in a resolution of 4800 by 2400 dots per inch. The other factor that leads to such high photo quality is the fineness of the ink droplets the printer uses to create the image. The printer fires tiny 2-picoliter ink droplets onto the print, giving excellent image and color accuracy resulting in sharp, vibrant pictures.

On top of the high quality of the photos produced, the machine is also efficient at what it does. You can potentially print over a hundred photos without having to replace any ink - that’s the level of efficiency this printer achieves. The savings you can make over printing at a lab are immediately obvious.

On top of the efficiency of this machines ink use, the ink replacements from Canon are relatively inexpensive compared to some competitors such as Epson. If a low cost of ownership is important to you, this machine ticks the box in that respect.

Downsides of the Canon i960 Printer

On the downside, the i960 is already starting to get a little "over the hill" as new technologies are introduced. If you want a truly cutting edge photo printer, you might want to look at a more recent design.

Consumer Response to the i960

This machine appeals in particular to amateur photographers who want a cheap and easy way to print their own photos. In fact, many amateur photographers much prefer a machine such as this because it allows them to ensure all their prints are created according to settings they choose, rather than settings determined by an employee at a photo lab.

It may not be up to par for professional photographers or amateurs who take their work particularly seriously. But all in all, the unit can produce lab quality prints for home users and effectively eliminate any need for professional photo printing services. The relatively low price makes many people unaware of just what a powerful and effective machine this is for performing that task.

One of the aspects of this product that receives a lot of praise is the software that comes with it. The software included with this printer makes it simple to decide on photo sizing, edit each picture and correct any problems.

One complaint that does often pop up about the printer is the lack of quality when it comes to printing text. Many users argue that the quality is sufficient, but after all it is a photo printer and should be bought primarily for that purpose.

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