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Canon ImageClass MF3240 – Ideal for Small Business

The Canon ImageClass MF3240 is a popular choice amongst multifunction devices perfectly suited to entrepreneurs and small, low-budget business situations. With limited capital and limited office space, a high quality multifunction printer can be an absolute savior. The ImageClass MF3240 serves all the most common needs of a start-up or home business operator, and does it for a very affordable price. Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of this model, its drawbacks, and how the market in general has responded to it.

Top Features of the ImageClass MF3240

One of the biggest selling points of the MF3240 is its combination of speed and reliability. Often, machines that produce high quality work consistently are quite slow. On the other hand, buying a machine based purely on speed can often leave you with poor results. Fast machines can also have more of a tendency to jam and break down.

Canon has hit exactly the right balance with this unit. It has a 33.6 Kbps modem built-in for easy faxing. Although it’s a black and white printer, it also has the capability of scanning color pictures and comes with the necessary software for processing and manipulating those images on a computer. So each of the multiple functions the machine offers can work independently of each other.

Downsides of the Canon ImageClass MF3240

One major criticism of this model is its lack of compatibility with operating systems other than Windows. Paper jams are also a commonly reported problem with this machine. Overall for a Windows user the machine does an excellent job for the price, but Mac users may find themselves wasting hours dealing with customer support just to send a fax. If you’re a Mac user you’re best to steer clear of this model.

Apart from that, the machine performs well for what it is – but don’t expect it to emulate the output of top-range printers. This machine can produce extremely high quality prints despite being a multi-purpose unit, but it can’t rival the quality of a highly priced, dedicated printer. If you intend to buy it, recognize it for what it is – a versatile machine that allows you to perform a variety of functions for a low initial cost.

Consumer Response to the ImageClass MF3240

Generally, most users have had a positive and satisfying experience with this MF3420. Consumers have commented on the quality of each of the functions in terms of the price. In fact, the price is the factor that most people mention a lot – consumers can’t believe the functionality and quality they get from such an inexpensive machine.

There are a few common complaints about the machine, however. One is the noise – it’s definitely not the quietest machine on the market, so if a quiet workspace is important to you then you might want to think twice about purchasing this model. Some users have also reported problems with the fax function not working as it’s supposed to.

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