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Canon ImageClass MF4150 – A Flexible Multifunction Unit

The Canon ImageClass MF4150 is one of Canon’s more flexible and advanced multifunction units. It’s designed to be used in small and medium-sized business environments. It provides a wide range of features suitable to almost any project requirement. If you’re in need of an affordable multifunction unit for a work group scenario that produces quality results quickly, the ImageClass MF4150 is worth considering.

Top Features of the MF4150

The MF4150 is a color laserjet printer which offers duplex printing capabilities (printing on both sides of a sheet). Duplex printing has several advantages. Sometimes, you simply need a document printed on both sides of a single piece of paper – but it also has the advantages of saving paper, which in turn lowers the overall cost of using the machine – and running your business.

It’s designed with the intention of increasing productivity in group working environments, and its most unique features reflect that. For example, the unit features a 250-sheet front-loading cassette as well as an automatic feeder which can hold 35 sheets at a time. The purpose of these features is to speed up the overall process of printing, eliminating much of the time workers spend replacing paper and performing other time-burning tasks. The unit’s G3 modem also helps to cut wait times on faxing, meaning your important communications will go through faster and more reliably.

Downsides of the MF4150

Of course, every model has its problems and drawbacks. One of the big problems with the MF4150 is that it can be difficult to set up and use and the manuals are not very comprehensive, so it can take some time to master all the functions. It’s not simply that the manuals aren’t easy to follow, but that they leave out altogether many of the advanced functions of the machine. This is not ideal if you’re planning to purchase the machine to use for an upcoming project, as employees will have to take some time to orientate themselves to the unit before you’ll notice any improvement in productivity.

Another complaint, common to Canon’s printer, is a lack of compatibility for Mac users. Canon are definitely behind the eight ball when it comes to producing printer drivers to allow Mac users to make the most of their machines.

Consumer Response to the Canon ImageClass MF4150

The MF4150 has a reputation amongst its base of users as being a reliable model. It’s reputation tips toward the positive side of the spectrum, with most users appreciating its excellent print quality as well as other clever features, like its quick power-saving switch into hibernate mode when its not in use.

However, some users have had complaints about this machine, and rightly so. For instance, you might run into problems with the unit clipping page sizes for no apparent reason. Again, because the manuals leave out a lot of information beyond the basic functions, when you encounter a problem with the machine it can be hard to figure out how to fix it or even if a solution exists.

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