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Canon iP4300 Printer – Flexible Photo Printer

The Canon iP4300 printer is one of the leading photo printers produced by Canon. While it’s named a photo printer, it’s capable of so much more than simply producing top quality prints. It can print text documents equally as well as images and photos, and it includes advanced features such as double-sided printing to increase flexibility and efficiency.

Top Features of the iP4300

There’s a good reason this inkjet printer is capable of producing such high quality prints. The machine includes 3,584 nozzles for spraying ink onto the page – that leads to an incredible precision in ink application, allowing the machine to print up to 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution.

This machine has two input trays, both of which can hold 150 sheets. The inclusion of the duplex (double-sided) printing feature is a big plus on such an affordable machine.

The unit is PictBridge enabled, meaning you can snap a photo on a compatible camera, link it up to the printer and have a solid copy of the image in your hands all in a matter of minutes. The unit also comes with a few handy software extras that make various tasks easier. For instance, Windows users are treated to the Easy-WebPrint software, which comes in handy if you want to print directly from the web, allowing you to do so without losing parts of the web page. The Easy-PhotoPrint software also makes it easier to manipulate your photos the way you want so that the print comes out just right.

Downsides of the Canon iP4300 Printer

Aside from all the excellent features of this machine and its high quality output, there are a few black marks against it in the form of some minor design flaws.

One drawback is the user interface. The control panel is not particularly user friendly. The buttons and controls are not clearly labeled to allow a new user to find their way around the printer quickly and easily. Consulting the manual may be a regular activity in the early days of ownership, especially if you’re not very technology-savvy.

Consumer Response to the iP4300

All in all, it’s very hard to find a machine that can produce better quality prints at a lower price than the iP4300. One of the reasons users often recommend this model to friends is the relatively inexpensive price of ink. Compared to other competing models with similar features at a similar price, the iP4300 performs well when it comes to ink usage. Other points often praised about this machine are the duplex printing capabilities, the speed and quality of the output, and the usefulness of the software packages that come with it.

One issue, however, that has caused a few headaches for consumers is the fact that the machine will only function when all the ink cartridges contain ink. That’s why it’s essential to keep spare cartridges of each color on hand at all times, because if you run out of one color (this is a five ink printer) you’ll be unable to print at all.

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