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Canon iP90 Printer – Portable, Flexible Printing

The Canon iP90 printer is a portable inkjet printer designed to allow you to print photos and full-size documents virtually anywhere. It’s a particularly ideal machine if you’re on the move a lot for work or you want to print pictures as you go while on holiday or undertaking long-term travel.

Top Features of the Pixma iP90

One of the positive aspects of this printer is its versatility. Many photo printers only produce photo-sized prints, whereas the iP90 can produce both photos and full sized documents. On the flipside, the quality of the photos you can print is lower than what you can get from a dedicated photo printer.

The unit is versatile in other ways too. It’s built-in PictBridge and infrared ports make it easy to print directly from a digital camera. It can even print directly from a cell phone without having to go through a PC. This is obviously handy for certain outdoor scenarios where prints are required quickly and bringing a laptop or PC would be impractical.

It does come with a couple of handy features that help with ink efficiency. These are the Use Composite and Save Black Ink modes. Save Black Ink is fairly self explanatory – it simply reduces the amount of black used for each print, resulting in lighter prints. The Use Composite feature can be used to compile black out of colored ink if your black cartridge runs empty.

Downsides of the Canon iP90 Printer

There’s a major drawback that limits the portability of the iP90. The battery pack must be purchased separately. In other words, unless you’re willing to shell out an extra hundred dollars or so on top of the purchase price, many of the features that make this such a handy in-field printing unit will be of no use to you.

Another big downside of this printer is the fact that the ink cartridges it takes hold very little ink, so even though it isn’t bad in terms of ink efficiency, you’ll still find yourself buying new cartridges on a regular basis.

The printer also starts to lag behind when it comes to printing text documents. While the photo and color document printing quality is good, as you’d expect from an inkjet, it leaves a lot to be desired for printing everyday text documents.

Consumer Response to the iP90 Printer

The Pixma iP90 has a lot of fans. Many users are highly satisfied with the quality and versatility of the machine in combination with how easy it is to move around and use in a variety of situations. Although the Bluetooth capabilities and battery are extras, many consumers also believe these additions to be well worth the extra cost. The printer is also impressive in its speed considering the quality of the output.

Some consumers on the other hand have little praise for the machine beyond its portability. Common complaints include a relatively short lifespan and difficulties getting a replacement sent out by Canon support.

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