Canon Pixma iP1600 Color Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma iP1600 Color Inkjet Printer

by Lillian Schulze
(East Providence, RI)

Canon Pixma iP1600

Canon Pixma iP1600

I received this Canon Pixma iP1600 printer from a friend who was giving it away. At first I thought it was a great deal but this printer has been a headache the whole time. The printer is pretty bulky in size. I have a nice computer desk which houses the printer on the bottom shelf, at my feet. It takes up so much room there's barely enough space for my feet.

This Canon iP1600 printer comes with a usb cord and a regular outlet plug. The problem with this is it really needs to be a usb wires less plug, because the wire is huge and difficult to try to shove behind the desk.

When I received this iP1600 printer, there was barely any ink, so naturally this being my first printer I wanted to try to price out ink for it hoping it wasn't that much. I looked around a few local beats everyone's prices stores and found that the color ink is $28.00 and black ink was $25.00.

I didn't think that was all that bad until I started using the machine more often. This Canon goes through ink like its water! I generally print pictures and word documents off of my computer so I thought that wouldn't be that bad, but I was wrong. I must've printed out about 40 documents and they weren't that colorful before long I was getting messages on the computer that my ink was low.

Well I did consider purchasing another printer during this fiasco, but priced them out and they will be around the same price new as it is to just purchase the ink outright.

This Pixma iP1600 printer is very easy
to use, just plug it in and away it goes. You really don't have to be a rocket scientist to work this device. The only thing that really stinks about the usability of the printer is it is very difficult to change the ink cartridges. You have to move the arm to the side and they really don't make this easy at all.

The only function of this machine is for color or black and white copies, no scanning, no fax, etc. I really would have liked to see an SD card function or a copy function on this printer, but I will find one with those on a future purchase.

Printing a document generally takes a few minutes, I would say about 4 minutes for a couple of pages. Another lovely little problem with this Canon Pixma iP1600 is the noise. I have the computer desk in the living room with the tv and the couches. When my husband is home, you should see the look on his face when the printer starts.

When I say this Canon Pixma iP1600 is loud, it really is. It takes at least five minutes for it to warm up which you will hear. Then the printer winds up loudly and spits out the paper at you as if you were its enemy. I have received several dozen paper cuts due to the rebellious paper throwing.

My husband and I bought a surround sound for our tv due to the loud noise of the printer. We are very dissatisfied with this Canon Pixma iP1600 and I will continue looking for another. I have been using this machine for about eight months now, and really don't like it.

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