Canon Pixma IP4000 Color Photo Printer Review

Canon Pixma IP4000 Color Photo Printer Review

by John Sepulveda
(Hickory, PA)

Canon Pixma IP4000

Canon Pixma IP4000

The printer I am reviewing is made by Canon, and the model name is PIXMA IP4000. It is a desktop inkjet color printer, with no other functionality but printing. The Pixma IP4000 is pretty durable as I had it between the years of 2004 to 2011. The Canon ink was comparably expensive but I found alternative 3rd party ink and it worked fine, and saved me some money.

The Canon Pixma printer was very easy to setup, as it came with an installation CD in case the printer was not setup through plug and play. As with most machines the connection type is a standard USB cable. The ink is very easy to plug in, requiring little effort.

Open the printer cover, and pull out the old ink, and plug-in the new ink. The Canon Pixma IP4000 printer has many software functions such as quality of the print, to the maintenance of the printer. Sometimes, after a while of sitting and gathering dust, the printer will not print properly.

There are cleaning commands the unit can execute and clean up any clogging in the ink head. The print quality is great when using Canon's ink cartridges, but when using third party ink, the quality can degrade, but maintains a draft presentation quality.

The printing speed was fast at the time, but became average later, and did not print as loud as my old Hewlett Packard Deskjet 540. The ink did not burn through very fast, but I did notice the third party ink dry up sooner.

I purchased my Canon Pixma IP4000 printer at Office Depot and got a decent price of $149 at the time. I remember it was a walk-in purchase, as internet purchasing was not as popular, and trustworthy. Unfortunately the IP4000 recently decided to not print black, and after replacing the black ink cartridge, the printer has failed to print properly.

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