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Canon Pixma iP6000D Printer – Printing for Photographers

The Canon Pixma iP6000D printer is a six-color printer designed for use by serious amateur and professional photographers for creating high quality photo prints at a reasonable price.

Top Features of the Pixma iP6000D Printer

One of the major benefits of this model is the inclusion of a 2.5 inch LCD screen. Because you may want to print directly from your camera without going via PC, this screen can be especially useful for scoping out what you’re about to print before you launch the job. This screen helps save both ink and paper by allowing you to catch out any mistakes in settings or alignment.

The Easy-PhotoPrint software that comes with this model is also handy for keen photographers who require a high degree of control when it comes to tweaking images. The beauty of this software is that it allows you to make quick and automatic touch-ups or hone in on particular areas of a photo and edit manually, depending on what’s needed for the job. It allows you to make changes to photos such as changing facial tones and removing red-eye.

The unit also includes infrared technology to allow for easy wireless printing from cell phones.

Downsides of the Canon Pixma iP6000D

It’s difficult to pin down any major flaws in the iP6000D – Canon seems to have covered everything. The only complaints that can be made about the printer are a few issues with paper compatibility, but that’s to be expected. Obviously, if you want to get the best results from this printer you should use Canon paper.

Another incompatibility problem that has arisen relates to memory cards. The printer is able to print directly from memory cards (which, again, is where the LCD screen comes in handy) but some cards cannot be read.

There is one major issue when it comes to print quality, however. When printing a picture where bright light is reflected off an object, such as sun from a face, the printer has a tendency to white out the area and eliminate all details. Of course, facial tones can be edited with the included software to minimize this problem anyway.

Consumer Response to the Canon Pixma iP6000D Printer

The response to this machine from users is overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of owners of the iP6000D are highly satisfied with the job it does for the price they paid. One major upside to this printer is its efficient use of ink and the fact that Canon ink cartridges are for the most part cheaper than those of many competing brands. Another positive aspect of the ink cartridges is the fact that they’re clear, so you know exactly how much you have left of each color at any given time.

Most of the complaints made about this printer relate to the downsides mentioned above, such as problems with memory card reading or poor printing on certain types of paper. Some consumers have also complained about the slow speed of the printer, and some have run into problems with paper feeding after long term use.

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