Canon Pixma MG6120 Multifunction Printer Review

Canon Pixma MG6120 Multifunction Printer Review

by Tyler Coble
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Canon Pixma MG6120

Canon Pixma MG6120

I am a first year undergrad college student and I bought the Canon PIXMA MG6120 printer for its relatively small size (athough these kind of printers don’t actually range in size all that much), as well as a good deal. I got this printer on sale (about $100, I think the normal price was somewhere around $160) at the Best Buy store after researching options online.

This Canon Pixma printer prints, scans, copies, and prints photos. This printer is fairly easy to use for printing and copying once it is set up. The ink cartridges are easy to install, and the booklet walks you step-by-step through the set up process, which is rather lengthy.

The one problem I did have was when switching from home to my college network, since it is a wireless printer, I ended up getting a USB cable to connect directly to my laptop, since my college network did not allow wireless printers. I do not know if that is common for colleges not to allow that.

The Canon Pixma MG6120 worked great for printing and copying once I got it all set up, and first time I tried to scan something, it worked fine, but when I tried to scan something again, I had to go through another whole set up process for scanning. I don’t know why it worked the first time, but it now works smoothly for scanning after I went through a second set up process, which I discovered through the troubleshooting manual and trial and error.

For photo printing, I am still unsure how to do it correctly, and again used trial and error to get a good
print. The photo printing is very slow, and is average quality, not amazing. The ink seems to run out fairly quickly, but seems reasonably priced compared to other brands, and is easy to install.

I use this Canon Pixma MG6120 printer primarily for black and white printing of readings that I have to do for class, and I do notice that it is slow. A great feature that I really value is the capability for duplex (double-sided) printing, which is a feature I use for printing almost everything.

However, I do think that feature makes printing slower than printing single-sided. I am also surprised that I ran out of ink so quickly. I feel like my printer at home needs to be replaced every few months, printing for everyone in a four-person household, including color photo prints, but at college I had to replace the ink after just three months, but surprisingly, I had to replace the color cartridges, not the black and white cartridge. My roommate and I print perhaps once or twice a week, using almost exclusively black and white, so that is puzzling to me.

I have only had this Canon Pixma MG6120 printer for three months, since starting school, and my overall impression of it is that it works well, does what it is supposed to, but could be improved. I do enjoy the duplex feature, but I wish it were able to print faster. With the USB cable my roommate and I are both easily able to connect to the printer whenever we need it, which is good when we need to print readings for class. Overall a satisfactory printer, especially for the price.

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