Canon PIXMA MP280 Printer, Scanner And Copier

Canon PIXMA MP280 Printer, Scanner And Copier

by Darlene McKean
(Orlando, Florida)

Canon Pixma MP280

Canon Pixma MP280

I own a Canon Pixma MP280 printer. I bought it a few months ago from Amazon for about $56 dollars. This printer doubles also as a scanner and it is also a photocopier. When I got the printer it actually came with three pages of Canon photo paper and I used that paper to print out some photos just to test out that feature and they turned out beautiful.

That is the only experience I have had with the photo printing aspect of the Canon PIXMA MP280. I scanned a few documents with the printer for a class that I was taking at the time and that worked out great as well, but that is the only experience I have had with the printer’s scanning features. Now on to the Canon PIXMA MP280 in general.

Overall I think the unit is great. The print quality is always outstanding for me and I like that if you’re running out of color ink the printer has an option to just print in black and white. I know some printers don’t have this option so when you run out of color ink with those guys you can’t print anything at all.

So I was happy to see that this Canon PIXMA MP280 isn’t like that. It does have its flaws however. The printer takes a little while to warm up when you first turn it on. It also makes a lot of noise when you first turn it on. And turning it on isn’t the only problem. When you go to turn it off you have to hold down the off button for quite a while and sometimes it doesn’t even turn off the first time you press the button, which is a bit annoying.

Now on to the all important question of ink. The ink for this printer is very delicate. It comes in what’s called a "fine ink cartridge" and Canon encourages you to be very careful with the "fine ink cartridge." Canon warns you to be very careful when you replace the ink. I don’t know what happens if you’re not careful, but I’m not taking any chances.

The color ink costs about $20 and the black ink costs about $15 if you buy it on Amazon, so it’s not incredibly expensive. It seemed to me that the ink ran out rather quickly, but that could have just been because I printed out a lot of stuff.

It’s very easy to replace the paper in this Canon PIXMA MP280 printer. Overall this is a pretty good machine in my opinion. It’s not the best thing since sliced bread or anything, but I like it.

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Jan 28, 2012
Good Overall Printer For The Price
by: Linda Svoboda

The Canon MP280 is good basic printer with basic installation, and of course, basic copies. It's a combo of a printer, scanner and copier. It's a great all-in-one printer for it's current price, around 30 and 39 dollars.

Quality of the printer is pretty much medium. I wouldn't say it's bad but I wouldn't say it's good. It's just O.K for it's price. I have had the printer since 2010 and I can't complain about it's quailty.

Of course, there are negative sides of the Canon MP280. It kinda makes huge noise, but once again the printer is just 30$-39$ depending on where you buy it, so you can't actually complain about that since that's dirt cheap! Also the printer comes without a USB cord (you will need USB cord 2.0) so be sure to buy your own USB Cord 2.0 after buying the printer.

The Canon MP280 is also slow on start-up but after the start-up it's great. Compared to other printers, supplies for the printer are pretty much cheap. The quality of printer is great, though I can only say that just for printing email's / letters since I never tried using the printer to print photos (I use the printer for work purpose only). It's also little bit slow when it prints but quality is great.

I bought my Canon Pixma printer online, though I would suggest to potential customers who are low on cash to buy the printer in your local stores (WalMart in example) because you can find the printer even at 10 to 15 dollars cheaper there.

Overall, the printer is both good and bad in some cases. I would suggest everyone who wants a good quality printer for a good price to buy the Canon MP280 All-in-one Printer.

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