Canon Pixma MP490 - Scanner, Copier And Printer

Canon Pixma MP490 - Scanner, Copier And Printer

by Ruth Wallis
(Louisville, KY)

Canon Pixma MP490

Canon Pixma MP490

The printer I own is a Canon Pixma MP490, which I bought for around $99 during a Black Friday sale at Office Depot a couple years ago. I have been using this printer for about two years now without any problems. It isn't necessarily the fastest printer you can buy, but I was surprised at how nice the print quality is.

I often use the photo printing settings to make nice quality art and photo prints. As with any printer, the high quality prints can use up a lot of the color ink, but the black ink cartridges tend to last me quite a long time.

The Canon ink cartridges are about the same price as other brands, but they are easy to install. The printer itself was easy to set up the first time and is quite easy to use.

This Canon Pixma MP490 printer also has scanning and copying functions, which is the primary reason I bought it. The copying function is so easy it requires literally one push of a button, on the printer itself - you simply push the "black" or "color" button depending on the type of copy you want.

It is very easy and quick to do. The scanning option is also very easy to use and can be done through either a button on the printer or through the graphics program of your choice. The scan quality is good and it is a relatively quick process, depending on the DPI at which you are scanning.

There are lots of image editing/scan settings in the scan menu, which is especially helpful for people who may not have a good graphics editing program on their computer.

Overall this Canon Pixma MP490 printer is more than adequate for my needs; good quality, scanning and copying functions, and affordable price. I don't anticipate buying a new printer until this one wears out and I have to.

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