Canon Pixma MP495 Wireless All In One Color Printer

Canon Pixma MP495 Wireless All In One Color Printer

by Hannah Carrington
(Fayetteville, NC)

Canon Pixma MP495

Canon Pixma MP495

This is a review of the Canon PIXMA MP495 Printer. I love this printer! It has wireless functionality, which was a plus, but not a requirement when I was looking for printers. When I first received the printer, setup was a snap. I just followed the setup cd instructions, and everything was easy, even the wireless setup. I was mostly concerned with that, after reading some reviews online about its difficulty. Luckily for me, I didn't run into any snags.

Adding paper isn't difficult either. The paper tray is on the back of the Canon Pixma MP495, and the paper sits upright, like many at home printers. Replacing ink cartridges is pretty simple as well, once I figured out how to open the printer.

The instructions weren't very clear, and with this being a black printer, it was hard to see the opening. Once I figured it out though, it wasn't tough.

The basic functions are printing and scanning, and then wireless printing. You can't scan anything when the Canon Pixma MP495 printer isn't connected via USB. The only wireless function is printing. If I could change one thing about the printer it would be wireless scanning.

I also wish there was a way for me to turn the Canon Pixma MP495 on from the other room. Many times I've wanted to print, but you have to have the printer on of course in order to do that. But it's not that much effort to walk to the other room. If I wasn't so energy conscious I would probably just leave the printer on all day.

So far I haven't noticed a lot of ink usage, but I don't print that often. It doesn't use up nearly as munch ink as my old HP did. I bought this printer about 3 months ago, online from I bought it based on the reviews, and I have to say I'm not in the least bit disappointed.

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Jan 10, 2012
Good High Quality Canon Printer
by: Angie Orozco

I purchased a Canon PIXMA MP495 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One printer from about six months ago and have been using it ever since. It has been a really great wireless printer. The WiFi was a bit tricky to setup because it has no controls for it on the printer itself. You have to plug in a USB cable at just the right time while setting up the wireless connection and if you don't get it right, it won't work. That is really pretty annoying.

It is a pretty decent document printer and has every feature that you would expect in an inkjet printer. You load the paper at the back, which is really easy. It also makes it easier to tell which side of the paper you are printing on to.

When printing photos, it is fast and really good quality. I am really happy with how all the printed photos come out. It also pumps out both documents and photos really fast.

The Canon PIXMA MP495 has a scanner and though I don't use scanners all that much, it's still a nice feature to have when you do need it. I have scanned a few documents with it, which it scanned in average time and the scan came out really crisp and clear.

I have no problems at all with it's scanning features. The ink for it is really expensive. Replacement cartridges for black and color ink is around 17-20 dollars, which is really high.

The Canon PIXMA MP495 does make for some really high quality photos, however, so I think the cost is worth it because I print a lot of photos and I want them to look nice and professional. The ink cartridges are also really easy to put in the machine, which I really appreciate. It uses an average amount of ink.

Overall, this Canon PIXMA MP495 printer is really easy to use and has high quality photo printing capabilities and I am very happy with it. It was easy to setup (aside from the WiFi) and it's been holding up really well and I hope to use it for years.

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