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Canon Pixma MP610 – Affordable Home All-in-One Printer

The Canon Pixma MP610 is an affordable all-in-one color printer for the home. Its capabilities include scanning, copying and of course printing. It provides a high degree of quality for a multifunction machine at this price, and it’s easy to set up and use so that even if you’ve never owned an all-in-one machine you’ll be able to find your way around the controls easily.

Top Features of the Pixma MP610

Because the MP610 is designed as a home unit, it includes plenty of features that make it particularly easy to use. One of these is the Easy Scroll Wheel, which comes in handy if you want to print directly from a camera or memory card without going via a PC.

The 2.5 inch display screen is another useful feature, which again makes it easy to print the images you want without the aid of a computer. The design of the printer is fairly intuitive – the screen folds up from the top of the printer and the controls are contained within this folding panel.

In terms of the prints this machine produces, the quality is good in comparison to some similarly priced all-in-one machines but nothing to brag about. The unit includes a print head with 4,608 nozzles, which allows for extreme accuracy and detail in printing. The printer can achieve color resolutions up to 9,600 by 4,800 dots per inch, which is a huge improvement over the earlier MP600.

The machine also features duplex printing, which is fairly rare in a printer at this price. Other features include easy switching between print speeds, with a "Fast" mode for when you need to churn out prints quickly – although bear in mind that "Fast" prints will be of lower quality.

Downsides of the Pixma MP610 Printer

One of the drawbacks of this machine relates to its double-sided printing capability. While it’s a plus to have the duplexing capability, actually using it becomes a hassle when you realize how long it actually takes this machine to produce double-sided documents. Still, it’s a great deal to have the duplex function included at this price, but if double-sided printing will be a regular activity for you, perhaps look at other models which are designed for fast duplexing.

In terms of the cost of ownership, the MP610 is also a little on the expensive side when it comes to black printing. However, the machine makes up for this with its good economy when it comes to color prints.

Consumer Response to the Canon Pixma MP610

Overall this printer has received general praise from most of its users, but it doesn’t stand out as being a particularly mind-blowing deal. In other words, the general consensus is that it does what it says it will do reasonably well – but it’s not a stand out performer in any of its functions.

One common complaint about the machine is its bulk. Its somewhat larger than many competing machines with similar functions, so be prepared to clear some extra desk space for it.

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