Canon Pixma MX320 Multifunction Color Printer

Canon Pixma MX320 Multifunction Color Printer

by George Guthrie
(Flint, Texas)

Canon Pixma MX320

Canon Pixma MX320

I am from Flint, Texas and use my Canon printer about twice a week. I use my printer for printing color pictures and for work related activities. The printer I use is the Canon Pixma MX320. I purchased the machine about 2 years ago from It was easy to install and to set up.

Adding paper and changing the ink is very easy. It is simple to use. The supplies are relatively inexpensive compared to similar models. Depending on where you purchase the ink from, the ink will range from 10-15 dollars for black and 20-25 dollars for a color cartridge. The cartridges last me a few months.

Again, this is with about twice a week use. The options with the Canon Pixma MX320 are pretty basic. You can copy, fax, and scan. It has the typical copying options such as how detailed you want your print to be. The fax works efficiently. The scanner also works well.

The printing quality of the Canon Pixma MX320 is okay but certainly not top of the line. Since it is a rather inexpensive model, you get a pretty good value. I purchased the Canon MX320 for $60. It prints rather slow for detailed or color pictures. It takes about 120 seconds for a higher quality color photo.

If you are looking for a printer to make high quality photos come to life then I would not recommend this model. However, if you are a casual user like myself I would recommend this low price but reliable Canon Pixma model. Again, it is slow to use and takes a minute or two just to load for use. If you are in a rush the printer may frustrate you!

However, I have never regretted buying this Canon Pixma MX320. I would imagine that you can purchase this model for even cheaper than what I did. Also, any store that carries ink and toner will sell the type that you need. Thank you for reading my review and I hope it helps!

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