Canon Pixma MX340 Wireless Multifunction Printer Review

Canon Pixma MX340 Wireless Multifunction Printer Review

by Brenda Martinez
(Lafayette, LA)

Canon Pixma MX340

Canon Pixma MX340

About a year ago, I was in search of a new printer as I was using one from a friend. I began to read reviews for some of the top name brands and many sounded very appealing. I stepped over to my usual haunt Ebay where you can find almost anything at a reasonable price.

After reading a few descriptions and researching the various models on Google, I decided to go with Canon PIXMA MX340 All-In-One multifunction printer. The seller I picked sold the model for about $60 free shipping and handling. I ordered and had the printer within the next few days.

Unpacking and setting up the Pixma MX340 was a breeze. Depending on how you plan to use the printer, about two cables will put you in good working order. Now my next job was to see how it ran.

I installed the software in a few minutes with no problems. Setting up the fax from the user’s manual was a little tricky. This was not the fault of the manufacturer but I was not too familiar with fax machine terminology. Therefore, there was a little bit of a learning curve.

Well all went well with setting up the fax, sending and receiving were fine. What a relief. Now what was everything else going to be like? Pages aligned and printed quickly. The output looked awesome clean and crisp printing. Since manufacturers, these days rarely fill ink cartridges, they do not last very long before it is time to buy some spare ones.

Replacing old cartridges is affordable about in the $20 range for
just black. Removing the old ones and installing the new one was so easy a child could do it.

I must say the one thing I like about this Canon Pixma MX340 is that it does everything. It prints pictures, faxes, and auto scans documents. The tool bar that installs with the software makes performing tasks fast. You can even print calendars from a pre-selected template.

The paper tray holds a nice amount of paper so there is no need for constantly replacing it. Although at about 19 lbs the printer was larger than I had initially wanted. However, it was not long before I had fell in love with this machine.

Because it functions so well at every task, I put upon it. This is the perfect machine for someone on a budget and needs versatility. The Canon name is synonymous with quality, so you know it will last. I have had the Pixma MX340 for over a year now and have had no problems with performance at all.

Truly the Canon Pixma MX340 is a printer made for today’s technology; it is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. Although I have not tried this function yet, it can print photos from your iPhone. You can even use this printer with your Magic Jack VoIP phone to fax documents. I have sent several successful faxes this way. It will print a confirmation page once you are done.

When not in use the printer door folds up into the printer freeing up extra desktop space and offering a sleek design. This Canon Pixma MX340 printer will definitely become a favorite.

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