Canon PIXMA MX410 Wireless All In One Printer

Canon PIXMA MX410 Wireless All In One Printer

by Karen Brown
(Henrietta, MO)

Canon Pixma MX410

Canon Pixma MX410

The Canon PIXMA MX410 printer is relatively easy to use with all the features except the fax function. The set up was really easy because it came with a set up CD that had all the drivers needed and it is also a wireless printer and the CD sets that up for you as well.

The draw back is that if you don't have a wireless network setup that is personal then the wireless capabilities are useless since you can only use the wireless capability with the computer on which you use the installation CD and if that computer doesn't have a software such as "Connectify" to create a wireless network out of LAN connections then there isn't much use for it.

As well the Canon PIXMA MX410 printer will only connect to one network and needs to be password protected and changing the network it connects to is a hassle. Other than that if you use the cable you can use practically any computer.

Overall the set up of the Canon PIXMA MX410 is easy and putting in the cartridges is easy as the on screen instructions prompt you to put them at a certain time and they are labeled B and C so it is easy to identify. The software is really great as it has a Canon Menu that allows you to see printer levels, scanner settings, printer settings, and several other settings.

Adding paper is a breeze as you just put the paper on the back tray and to scan documents you simply put it in the top tray. The ink cartridges as well are really easy to change since the Canon menu lets you order them online or gives you the information to go buy them at the store and to replace you simply lift the
top up, lift the cartridge top up and simply snaps off and snaps on and once again everything is labeled B and C.

The supplies for the Canon PIXMA MX410 are inexpensive as they are about $20 dollars each for the XL cartridge. The printing is good quality with the ability to change settings on the actual printer.

As with any other computer you just hit print and it prints out. You can also copy things by using the scanner which is easy as well as you just hit the black or color button to decide what kind of copy you want. You can select multiple prints as well. You can scan documents as well relatively easy and save them as PDF.

As well network printing is easy but setting up a home group to connect to is not but that is an issue with windows not the printer. The print quality is relatively good as well as the scanning and copies and is pretty fast. Can print full page picture in less than 1 minute.

The fax function as well is easy to use as you just hit the number to dial and hit the black key and sends it. It is not expensive to run and the cartridges provided at first last long. From there on the XL cartridges are only about 3 or 4 dollars more expensive than the regular ones so it is a good investment.

The Canon PIXMA MX410 printer was bought at Walmart and have been using it for about 4 months with no issues and have only had to replace the ink once and the printer is used a lot both color and black. It was bought offline at the store locally. Overall it is a good printer at a fair price for about $70 dollars.

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