Canon Pixma MX420 Color Office Printer

Canon Pixma MX420 Color Office Printer

by Nickolas Owens
(Chattanooga Tennessee)

Canon Pixma 420

Canon Pixma 420

I just recently purchased a Canon Pixma MX420 printer off of after my last printer of 3 years finally quit on me. I have always been an Epson person and really wanted to go with the upgraded version of the printer that just quit on me.

After doing some research I found the Canon Pixma, and although I know Canon is a good brand, I wasn't sure about the quality of their printers. I decided to take a leap of faith and go with the Canon Pixma MX420 after seeing almost 5 star reviews from over 30 people on Amazon. I am so glad that I made this purchase!

The Pixma is an all in one machine that copies, prints, and scans, as well as having wireless printing which is an absolute amazing feature to have, especially if you have several computers on one home network with everyone needing to print.

There are so many features of this printer it's hard for me to name them all, but a few that really stood out to me was the wireless printing, the ability to print HD videos as photos, as well as the large LCD screen to preview photos and handle printer settings directly from the printer.

One last thing that is very important to me is the print quality and ink. The Canon Pixma MX420 printer comes with full, high performance ink cartridges unlike some printer companies who only put starter cartridges in there printers. The prints are sharp, and vibrant, and look even better on canons photo paper. The cartridges are not cheap, but no cartridges really are unless you are wanting to go with the default black and color packs that are used for normal every day printing.

The cartridges in this Canon Pixma MX420 printer are made especially for photo printing to get that extra pop, and is well worth the extra few dollars when it comes to print quality. Lastly, the setup was a breeze.

There is a guide that comes in the box that gives easy setup instructions as well as a disc that is more of a point and click type thing then actually having to do any manually configuring. Someone who is new to wireless printing, or printing in general shouldn't have a problem setting this machine up.

The pricing of the Canon Pixma MX420 was a great deal for the feature set of this printer and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you are needing an all around printer with great performance.

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