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Canon Pixma Pro 9000 – High Quality Wide Format Printing

The Canon Pixma Pro 9000 is amongst the cream of the crop in Canon’s inkjet printer range – a professional quality wide format printer designed for creating top quality large color images.

Top Features of the Pixma Pro 9000

Canon is very proud of the FINE print head technology used in this machine – and with good reason. FINE stands for Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering. In plain English, it breaks down like this. There are 6,144 ink-spraying nozzles on the print head, each of which is capable of spraying incredibly fine droplets of ink. That means the printer is able to achieve extremely fine, sharp image quality (think of it in terms of using a sharp pencil compared to a blunt one – the end result is a finer line).

The Easy-PhotoPrint Pro software that comes with the machine is another feature that makes it an appealing purchase. This software gives you an extra level of control over the images you print, making it ideal for professional or artistic projects that need to be just right. Of course, if you’re an experienced and advanced Photoshop user, there’s nothing to stop you from editing your images with that. The Easy-PhotoPrint software is designed for users who have little prior graphic editing knowledge, or simply want a more basic interface.

Of course, the wide format capabilities are the main reason many people are attracted to this printer. It’s capable of producing beautiful prints in sizes up to 13 x 19 inches.

Downsides of the Pixma Pro 9000 Printer

Of course, if you want a top grade wide format printer you have to be prepared to face the price tag. This printer costs upwards of $500 new, so you’ll need to be able to justify the cash outlay if it’s a business expense.

The Pro 9000’s high quality images are based on a careful balance between particular inks and papers, in combination with the advanced print head technology in the machine itself. While this combination makes it possible to produce excellent prints, it also limits your choices when it comes to using different types of paper.

Another downside is that there’s already an upgraded version of this machine available, the Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II – so this model is already on its way to being obsolete, although it will definitely hold its own for several years to come.

Consumer Response to the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Printer

There’s a lot to love about the Pixma Pro 9000, and happy users acknowledge that. Amongst its benefits is the fact that the software packaged with the machine make it much easier to achieve prints which are faithful to what you see on screen. If you’re tired of using a printer with poor fidelity to the on-screen image, the Pixma Pro 9000 may be the answer to your prayers.

One aspect of the printer that catches some consumers off guard when they buy online is the sheer size of it – make sure you have room for this machine in your workspace.

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