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Canon Printers – Innovation and Quality

Canon Pixma MP560 All-In-One Photo Printer
Canon Pixma MP560
Canon printers are all about innovative technology and top quality results. They provide a range of units from affordable home use models through to machines designed for corporate use. Their home printers are designed primarily for users who want to print digital images.

Canon, like many other printer manufacturers, is based in Japan. Founded in 1937, the company started out producing early low-tech cameras. They were innovators in the field of printers when personal computers first became a reality, manufacturing the engine that drove printers built by Apple and Hewlett Packard.

Benefits of Canon Models

The only real limits to Canon’s range is that their consumer models are very image-focused, so if you simply want a cheap printer for printing text documents at home, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Of course, this is a big benefit in itself if you want to use the printer for visual projects. If you’re a heavy digital camera user or your work involves a lot of graphic design, there’s likely to be a Canon model that will ideally suit everything you need to achieve on a day to day basis.

Types of Canon Printers

The Canon range of printers consists of four distinct types. These are each suited to the needs of different users, and each type includes a range of models at various prices and including different functions.

The PIXMA models are designed with home use in mind – in particular, for creative image-based printing. Extra attention is paid to the style and aesthetics on these models. In terms of function, they’ve been created to put emphasis on home user activities like printing family photos or creative works, such as making greeting cards. Even these consumer-use products live up to a very high standard of quality. PIXMA printers are handy for other projects such as creating your own t-shirts, scrapbooking or printing CD covers.

The Selphy range of printers is focused on people who want to print high quality photographs from a digital camera. With a Selphy unit, you don’t have to pay a camera shop to create professional looking prints of your photos.

The Laser Shot models are the lower end of Canon’s business range. Laser Shot printers are visually simple in design – the focus is on the results they produce. Laser Shot’s should, in theory, produce consistently high quality work day in and day out. That said, Canon offers various different models depending on how often a printer is needed and the range of tasks – don’t expect a lower-end model to perform consistently well if you push it beyond what it’s designed for.

imageCLASS is the crème de la crème of Canon printing devices, designed with corporate outfits in mind. These multifunction printers allow you to save money by combining tasks into one machine, such as faxing and scanning as well as printing.

Popular Models Of Canon Printers

Of course, even with the wide range Canon offers, certain models will always rise to popularity due to positive consumer reviews.

Canon Pixma MP560
Offers "greener" 2-sided printing in a compact printer with wireless technology built-in.

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The Pixma iP1500 printer is a basic machine designed for printing simple documents and photos at home.

Pixma iP6000D Printer – Printing for Photographers
The Pixma iP6000D printer is designed to allow serious photographers to create high quality prints for a reasonable price.

Canon Pixma MP610 – Affordable Home All-in-One Printer
The Pixma MP610 allows you to affordably print, copy and scan on one machine within your own home.

Pixma Pro 9000 – Quality Wide Format Printing
The Canon Pixma Pro 9000 is one of Canon’s best-of-breed wide format printers.

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