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Dell 1600n Printer – Network-Ready Laser Multifunction

The Dell 1600n printer is a laser multifunction unit capable of scanning, copying, faxing, and of course printing. It comes complete with network capabilities and is designed to be used in business environments, either by a single user or as the communications focus point of a small group. This all-in-one machine is designed to make work more efficient and save office space by combining multiple functions into one unit.

Top Features of the Dell 1600n

One of the major advantages of this machine is the options on offer in terms of connections. You can connect the device to other machines both via USB and through its networking capabilities. This makes it much simpler to scan documents in the workplace, as users can simply scan from this central unit through to their own personal computer.

The printer is also fairly fast – although not the quickest in its class, it manages a respectable 22 pages per minute.

Another plus with this machine is the ease of installation – you won’t have to call in some kind of tech guru just to get it up and running. It’s fairly easy to set up the machine and then set up a network straight out of the box.

One of the biggest benefits of this machine is its efficiency when it comes to toner use. It definitely has a relatively low cost of ownership, especially when you factor in the built-in energy saving features. The machine has a power saving mode which can be programmed according to how much time you want to pass before the printer "goes to sleep."

Downsides of the 1600n Printer

Of course, this machine is limited in one obvious way: it’s a black-and-white printer. If color printing is a requirement, this printer won’t suit your needs. It’s primarily designed for use in an environment where there will be a lot of copying, scanning and faxing of written documents.

There’s not a lot else to pick up on that’s problematic with this printer. One of the only major issues you may run into is paper jamming with particular brands of paper. As long as you stick to appropriate paper that works well with the machine, this won’t be an issue. If you run into the problem, just switch to a different brand of paper.

Consumer Response to the Dell 1600n Printer

Most users are generally impressed with what the 1600n can do. The scanning features are of particular interest to many business users, particularly the capability of scanning over a network. This saves a lot of time and hassle in a workgroup environment.

The sheet feeding mechanism is another source of praise for this machine. Most business multifunction printers include an automatic document feeder, and they’re notorious for going haywire and jamming on many models. This is rarely a problem on the Dell 1600n, where the automatic feeder works quickly and smoothly the majority of the time. Overall this is a cheap, reliable and sturdy machine built to face the challenges of the office.

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