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Dell 922 Printer – Low Price, Low Reliability, High Ink Usage

The Dell 922 printer is an inkjet multifunction unit capable of printing, copying and scanning. Dell recommends this machine as a good complement to a home office Dell PC set up. However, if you’re running a home business, you’ll probably want to think twice about purchasing a Dell 922 after reading this review. Although the 922 is extremely cheap, you’re much better off going with a more expensive unit that actually does what it says it can do.

Top Features of the Dell 922

The low price is the only major upside to this machine. If you’re really on a very tight budget and you need to introduce scanning, copying and printing into your business quickly, then you might consider buying a 922 – but that’s about the only scenario where it makes sense. If you’re a start-up and you need something cheap and simple to get the ball rolling, you might think about this machine – but you’ll want to upgrade as soon as you can afford it. You can find a second-hand 922 for $25 without too much searching. As a very low cost printer that serves multiple functions, there are very few contenders to rival the Dell 922.

In theory, the Dell 922 has a few other appealing features. It prints in resolutions up to 4,800 by 1,200 dots per inch, and it’s capable of printing photos without borders in sizes up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches. And the 922 is capable of producing very high quality photos – as long as it’s in working order.

Downsides of the Dell 922 Printer

One of the biggest problems with this machine is that it tends to break down or malfunction on a very regular basis. You may find you get a few months of seamless use out of it, and then it starts to run into problems – which is why you need to be particularly wary if you’re planning to buy second-hand.

Common issues are ink paper jams or excessive ink usage. Ink leakages can also be a problem, which can cause unnecessary ink ending up all over the front or back of the documents and photos you print. Paper feeding problems seem to be the most common, with the paper feeding mechanism either failing altogether or feeding through multiple pages at once, which leads to a jam.

Consumer Response to the Dell 922

One of the major complaints about this machine is its short lifespan, which tends to cancel out any savings you make by buying this rather than a more expensive but sturdier model.

Another major point of complaint is the ink thirst of this machine. It tends to chew through a fair bit of ink which makes the cost of running it high – again, this counteracts any savings you make on the initial purchase price.

In short, this machine is inexpensive but it’s not a bargain – despite the low price you’re unlikely to feel you got your money’s worth. Only consider this machine if you just need it for the short term (3 months or less).

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