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Dell Color Laser Printers – Low Prices and Easy Customization

Dell color laser printers offer simple and affordable solutions for home and small business operations that need to keep their costs under tight control. These printers are both cheap to purchase and have a low cost of ownership in the long term. Dell also offers a level of customizability in its printers that few other manufacturers can rival. Many of their devices are also very compact and efficient on energy use.

Benefits of Dell’s Laser Printers

Dell’s range of laser printers is extensive and includes models that are designed for different business users. They have very cheap lower-end products which are ideal for home businesses and start-ups on a shoestring budget. At the other end of the spectrum they offer laser printers designed to be used by large business and educational organizations in work group environments.

Dell has recently started producing a range of extra compact laser printers to appeal to home office and small business users. If your office and desk space are already cramped, these printers could be the ideal solution. Several of these compact machines are all-in-one units, which further saves space by eliminating the need for a photocopier and fax machine in the office.

Dell is often thought of as being inexpensive but low on quality. While this is true of some of their printers, it’s not the case across the board. The Dell 5130cdn for example, designed for use in larger business environments, is capable of quality color printing and is capable of producing 47 pages per minute in color.

Affordability is Dell’s biggest selling point. Feature-for-feature, it’s hard to find printers that rival Dell on price. Not only are the printers themselves cheap, but they’re relatively cheap to run both in terms of toner and power usage.

Drawbacks of Color Laser Printers

Dell’s laser printers are relatively slow in comparison to many of their competitors. If you’re a home business operator who doesn’t need to do a large quantity of printing, that may not be a big factor. Some of Dell’s more expensive models designed for medium-sized businesses do manage respectable print speeds. Whether or not this will make a difference to you depends largely on the type of printing you’re doing (images versus documents) and the frequency of printing.

Also, on many Dell units print quality is not comparable to what you might get from competing printers with similar specifications. Dell printers are cheap, and in some cases that also means they’re cheaply made. Short life spans and frequent malfunctions are often encountered with these printers.

Customizing Dell Color Laser Printers

One of the biggest benefits of dealing with Dell is the high level of customizability they offer. You can essentially pick and choose what features you want to have included in your machine and then have it "made to order." This is useful since often you’ll spot a printer which is perfect except for the lack of one or two features.

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