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Dell Printers – Efficient and Customizable

Dell Color Laser Printer 1320c
Dell Color Laser
Printer 1320c
Dell printers are designed to be energy efficient and cost effective, whether used for personal projects or everyday business tasks. They produce a range of inkjet printers, black and white laser printers and laser/LED color printers, plus a fairly comprehensive bunch of multifunction models.

Dell is one of the few large printer manufacturers to be founded and based in the United States. The company is based in Texas and focuses primarily on manufacturing and marketing computers and related hardware.

One of the most impressive features of Dell as a company is its rapid growth – started by Michael Dell in 1984 (initially called "PCs Limited"), the company expanded quickly and started turning huge profits by building made-to-order computers sold directly to consumers.

Benefits of Dell Models

Dell models are competitive in terms of the range of functions you can get at an affordable price. The range offered reflects Dell’s origins as a small college-dorm start up company, and Dell models are the printers of choice for many small businesses as a result. They do a good job of meeting the needs of ambitious entrepreneurs on a budget.

But Dell’s printers aren’t limited to business needs. In fact, their range reflects the subtleties of a wide variety of potential users, including government, education and healthcare institutions.

Dell also has an openly stated commitment to better environmental practices, and aim to make their printers as energy efficient as possible. This not only means less environmental impact but also more savings on energy use for consumers.

Another notable benefit of buying from Dell is that they’ve maintained that early commitment to creating customizable equipment made to order. You can order a customized printer based on any Dell model, requesting extra parts or having parts removed according to your needs. Of course this can mean paying more, but if you have very specific requirements it can be well worth it.

Dell’s models are all fairly similar in appearance, for the most part maintaining the shiny black finish and simple, angular designs that have come to be associated with the Dell brand.

Types of Dell Printers

Multifunction Printers – Dell provides some of the most affordable multifunction units available, offering printers that also feature scanning and copying capabilities for as little as $44.99.

Inkjet Printers – Dell’s inkjet printers are very competitively priced. Most of their inkjet models are multiple function printers, so for a cheap, basic home office set-up it’s hard to go past one of Dell’s machines. Most of these also feature an LCD screen to allow you to view what you’re about to print.

Black and White Laserjets – Dell likes to emphasize the fact that buying and running their laserjet printers can help keep the cost of doing business right down, more so than most of their competitors’ models.

Color Laserjets – Again, Dell offers competitive pricing and a high degree of customization with their range of color LED laserjets

Popular Models Of Dell Printers

Some of Dell’s models have proven more effective than others at delivering the results they’re designed for.

Dell Color Laser Printer 1320c
Personal color laser printer that outputs 600x600 dpi and a print speed of 16ppm (black) and 12ppm (color).

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The 1600n printer is a multifunction printer capable of printing, scanning, copying and faxing. It also includes simple networking features.

720 Photo Printer Review – Cheap But Disappointing
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Dell 922 Printer – Low Price, But High Ink Consumption
The 922 Dell printer can be had for a very low price, but it chews through a lot of ink and is low on the reliability scale.

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