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Epson All in One Printers – Affordable Home and Office Multifunctions

Epson all in one printers are all at once stylish, affordable and effective for the tasks at hand. The Epson printer range is separated into the Artisan, WorkForce and Stylus categories, each of which has its own specialty. Let’s take a more detailed look at the types of multifunctions on offer in each category and the features you can make use of for surprisingly affordable prices.

Artisan All in Ones

One thing you’ll immediately notice with even the cheapest of Epson’s all-in-one Artisan models is the inclusion of wireless capabilities. The Artisan printers are designed for home use, allowing you to engage in all the printing tasks you could conceivably want to carry out on a non-commercial project. In particular, they’re designed to allow you to unleash your creativity in visual form, and thus they include a few extra features over many of the Stylus NX printers which are more basic home-use units.

The Epson all in one printers in this range allow you to extend that even further with the extra capabilities of copying and scanning. Most of the Artisan range all-in-ones also include a high-definition photo printing mode, and some include faxing.

One of the cool innovations on some of the more advanced Artisan all-in-ones is the inclusion of a touch screen. This is one area in which Epson excels beyond many competitors. Most competing units have a relatively small (2 to 3-inch) LCD screen for viewing images before you execute a function. Some of Epson’s Artisan printers, on the other hand, include a 7.8-inch touch panel with 3.5 inches of LCD. This gives you an extra level of flexibility when it comes to viewing, but more importantly editing your images without a PC before you print, copy, scan or fax.

WorkForce All in Ones

The WorkForce range is designed for business applications, which is why you’ll notice virtually all these machines include a fax function. Epson emphasizes the speed of their all-in-one units, and with the WorkForce models that difference definitely shows through.

Most of the WorkForce all-in-ones lack the feature of high-definition photo printing. However, they virtually all have advanced networking features and include auto document feeders to make larger printing or copying jobs more efficient. At the top of the range, the Epson WorkForce 840 includes a 500-sheet paper capacity which makes it a real work horse for all its four functions. It also includes automatic duplex printing capabilities. It’s an affordable and highly productive multifunction printer unit ideal for a home office or small business workplace.

Stylus All in Ones

The Stylus NX range of printers is designed to allow home users to combine all their home printed communications needs into one affordable machine. Only one of these printers includes a faxing capability. Again, Epson emphasizes the speed advantage of these all-in-ones over comparable models. If you’re in the market for a very basic and affordable multifunction unit, one of the Stylus NX machines may be right for your circumstances.

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