EPSON Artisan 830 Inkjet Printer Review

EPSON Artisan 830 Inkjet Printer Review

by Russell Baumgartner
(Titusville, Florida)

Several months ago we purchased a new printer, an EPSON Artisan 830. We had been using a HP printer for copying/scanning and printing and a separate old Canon for strictly printing photos. The Canon printer head broke and we initially intended to just replace the Canon printer.

We trekked up to Staples to see what was available. We live in Titusville, Florida and we have very few options when it comes to shopping. Staples, Walmart, and Target are pretty much our selection for electronics, oh and I forgot Radio Shack. We started looking around at the all available printers.

We didn't want to pay an arm and a leg, but we did want something that was going to last too. We located the EPSON printer and noted that not only was it on sale, but we could trade in the broken Canon printer for an additional $50 reduction on the EPSON printer. The EPSON was now below $70. The Artisan 830 printer does everything Scan/Copy/Print. We have stopped using the HP printer as well. The EPSON printer has a special drawer to hold photo paper. We can now store our four by six inch photo paper right in the printer along with the 8 1/2 by 11 paper.

We were thrilled not to have to load the photo paper
each and every time we wanted to print photos. The photos look very professional and have brilliant color to them. Rather than one color ink cartridge, there are six individual color cartridges.

The advantage to having separate color cartridges when printing many photos with blue sky or water is that you only need to replace one of the two blue colors, rather than the entire color cartridge. There is software to indicate when one of the colors is low, insuring you don't print photos with missing color.

The ink cartridges are easily removed for replacement purposes. One of the advanced features allows us insert our memory card directly into the Artisan 830 printer and print the photos rather than loading them to the PC first. The installation of the printer was quite easy. We have both a desktop and a laptop.

The Quick Guide instructions were very easy to follow in setting up the printer to our network as a Wireless Network Setup so we could print from both the desktop and the laptop. The total setup took less than ten minutes.

Overall we are extremely happy with the functionality of our EPSON Artisan 830 printer. The cost of the printer was relatively inexpensive and have found the replacement cartridges to be inline with the cost of other printer cartridges.

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