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Epson Ink Jet Printers – High Quality Images at Home or Work

The Epson ink jet printers range offers a wide array of solutions for various consumers and businesses. The ink jet printers on offer from Epson are neatly divided into categories that make it easy to pin-point the exact model that best suits your needs. They have the Artisan range, intended for home use and creative projects. Then there’s the WorkForce Range, designed to meet the various needs of home and small business operators. Epson also offers ink jet photo printers which are compact and portable, the Stylus printer range and various machines for wide format printing.

Artisan Range

Epson’s Artisan range are designed to be all-round ideal home printers. They’re capable of printing high quality photos at very high speed, as well as allowing you to expand your creativity by printing your own designs and images onto CDs and DVDs. If you have a creative streak and you want a quality printer for non-professional use, Epson’s Artisan 50 is probably worth a look.

WorkForce Range

These printers are designed to suit the demands of the workplace, both in terms of flexibility and a range of functions as well as efficiency when it comes to ink usage. This range begins with some very affordable printers which are capable of producing results at much faster speeds than similar competing units. That said, the quality of prints on some of these cheaper Epson WorkForce models is not particularly impressive, although it suffices for most basic printing tasks. One impressive aspect of Epson’s cheaper WorkForce models is the fact that they include duplex printing functionality.

On the higher end of the WorkForce price spectrum (although still very affordable – most Epson printers in the Artisan and WorkForce categories are under $200) you’ll find printers with extra features such as wireless networking. The Epson WorkForce 60 is an efficient, affordable and quick model, featuring especially rapid double-sided printing.

Stylus Range

The Epson Stylus printer range covers a handful of consumers and various purposes, but they’re particularly well-suited to businesses in need of high resolution, high quality prints and a fast output. Stylus printers are also particularly useful for photo printing and come with software that makes it easy to undertake creative projects such as printing calendars with your own photos. If you run a home business and you want a single printer that can cover both your work and home life needs, the Stylus range may have what you need. Many of the Stylus models are also wide format printers.

Wide Format Printing

Epson offers some very advanced wide format ink jet printers, and this is one area in which they stand out from the competition. The Epson Stylus Pro 4880, for example, with a regular price tag just under $2,000, allows for top notch 17-inch wide printing and is designed with professionals who need only the best images in mind.

Epson Ink Jet Printers – Photo Printers

Epson also offers several ink jet photo printers which allow for PC-free editing and printing. The PictureMate Show Digital Frame combined with the PM 300 photo printer allows you to view and edit images on a 7-inch screen, PC-free, before you print.

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