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Epson Printers – Quality All-in-One Solutions

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Inkjet Printer
Epson Stylus Pro 3880
Epson printers are created by one of the world’s largest printer manufacturing companies, Seiko Epson Corporation.

Like most leading printer manufacturers, the Seiko Epson Corporation was founded in Nagano, Japan, and remains under Japanese ownership to this day. The company also manufactures digital cameras and other equipment relating to image reproduction.

Epson’s printer line is different from those of its competitors in one immediately noticeable way. Where other companies have attempted to focus on specialized printers that work for particular needs of different users, Epson has decided to create a range of devices focusing more on all-in-one solutions. They also build specialized printers to serve business needs, such as receipt printers.

Benefits of Epson Models

As mentioned above, Epson put their focus on all-in-one printer models – so if you need a machine that serves a range of functions but you have a limited budget, the Epson range may hold the answer to your problems.

Epson also has some cutting-edge offerings when it comes to wide format printing.

For the home consumer, Epson also offers some easy and comprehensive self-printing solutions. Epson’s photo printers are designed to be portable, ideal for users who travel a lot on an extended basis. One of these printers means you don’t have to wait until you get home or spend a fortune at a print shop to get high quality prints.

Types of Epson Printers

There are four main categories of printers built by Epson catering to home and business users. These are:

All-in-One Models (Multifunction) – Ideal for home or small business operations, these printers combine printing with scanning and photocopying, as well as photo printing capabilities. They also offer the Artisan range for home users, most of which come with a small LCD screen built in to allow you to view the end result before you print.

Wide Format Printers – These Epson printers are best suited to professional photographers or graphic designers, although some home users will find them useful for personal projects. With prices starting from $179.99, Epson provides very affordable solutions in this area of printing. They also design a wide format printer designed specifically for scrapbookers.

Photo Printers – Epson’s portable digital photo printers allow you to create high quality photo prints just moments after capturing an image, in virtually any environment. Despite their small size and portability, these printers come with a surprising range of functions and create photos designed to last in the long term.

Single-Function Printer Range – Epson’s market position as a leading printer producer is reflected in their prices, with some single-function inkjet printers starting as low as $59.99. If you require a printer for a specific function, whether for business or personal projects, buying a single-function Epson can help you save money. Their Artisan range tailors to home users, whereas the WorkForce printers are designed for home and small business people.

Epson also sells printers designed to produce professional quality images as well as other printers catering to business needs, like point-of-sale printers.

Popular Models Of Epson Printers

Here are a few of Epson’s best-selling offerings.

Stylus 1280 – Basic Home Wide Format Printing
The Stylus 1280 is a basic printer which allows you to produce wide format photos and other creative projects at home.

Stylus Photo 1400 – Mid-Range Wide Format Printer
The Stylus photo 1400 printer is a wide format machine capable of producing good quality prints ideal for framing.

Stylus Photo R280 – Advanced, High Speed Photo Printing
The Stylus Photo R280 printer is capable of producing quality photos in a surprisingly quick time frame.

Stylus Photo R300 Printer – Versatile Home Printing
The Stylus Photo R300 Printer is capable of taking input from a variety as memory cards as well as directly from a camera for versatile PC-free printing.

Epson Stylus R220 – Rich Photos, But Thirsty on Ink
The Stylus R220 is a simple Epson printer capable of producing high quality photos at home, but it uses a lot of ink in the process.

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