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Epson Stylus 1280 – Basic Home Wide Format Printing

The Epson Stylus 1280 is a wide format printer from Epson. It’s capable of producing a variety of home printing projects, from basic photos through to greeting cards and labels. While at one stage it was a fairly competitive model in terms of the quality of photo prints it could produce, it has now been surpassed by other models, but it provides a fairly good deal for its price. Still, you may decide one particular feature of this printer makes it the right model for your needs – read on to find out more.

Top Features of the Stylus 1280

The machine has a maximum resolution of 2,880 x 720 dots per inch. While this does produce respectable quality photos, it doesn’t measure up against many competing models including the majority of the other Stylus photo printers, most of which have a maximum resolution double that. However, the Stylus 1280 is capable of producing large prints, up to 13 inches by 44 inches. This is especially handy for panoramas if you’re a photographer – but again, don’t expect top quality due to the relatively low resolution and large size of the ink droplets applied by the print head (4 picoliters).

Another of the 1280’s main advantages lies in its compatibility with both Mac and PC units, although some users have complained about driver issues when linking the machine to a Mac. It comes with a few handy software programs included that give you some extra flexibility for tweaking and editing your photos before printing. This includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. The printer is also capable of producing borderless prints where the image fits right to the edge of the paper.

The unit also has photo printing benefits in terms of the sizes of photos it can produce, being capable of printing a range of sizes from 4 x 6 right up to 13 x 19 inch prints, ideal for family portraits to hang on the wall.

Downsides of the Stylus 1280

The same complaint that can be made about most Epson printers also rings true once again with the Stylus 1280: it’s thirsty for ink. Don’t pick up one of these unless you’re prepared to pay top dollar to keep it running.

As mentioned above, you may also run into problems with drivers if you’re a Mac user. While in theory this printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines, Apple fans might be better to steer clear lest you run into problems.

Consumer Response to the Epson Stylus 1280

The biggest complaint about this machine is its ink consumption, although some satisfied users say it’s well worth it for the quality of images the machine produces. Many professionals find the unit perfectly sufficient for their purposes.

Some people have also complained that they have problems with the machine if they’re not using it frequently. In other words, if you’re a professional using the printer on a daily basis you should find it runs “like clockwork,” but if you’re a more casual user you may have to deal with problems like clogged print nozzles.

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