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Epson Stylus Photo R280 – Advanced, High Speed Photos

The Epson Stylus Photo R280 Printer is one of the more impressive home photo printing units Epson offers. Its appeal lies primarily in its speed and its very reasonable price. It’s capable of quick, high quality photo printing, although it’s fairly costly to run in terms of ink.

Top Features of the Epson Stylus R280

The Stylus R280 leaves most of its competitors in the dust when it comes to photo printing – this little beauty is capable of producing a 4 x 6 inch color print in 11 seconds flat. It’s also fairly quick when it comes to text documents, being able to print an average text page in about 38 seconds.

One of the main selling points of this printer is its use of Clara ink. This ink produces photos that are particularly resistant to fading and scratching. In fact, Epson claims, these photos should last over 100 years – but only time can tell on that one. The bottom line is that the durability of these photos should rival that of prints you’d get from a lab.

The printer includes a few features which are fairly standard across the Stylus photo printer range. One of these is the maximum resolution the printer is capable of – up to 5,760 by 1,440 optimized dots per inch. The ability to print directly onto CDs and DVDs is another innovative feature which is fairly unique to Epson models in general.

Another benefit of this printer is the separate cartridges. It means you don’t have to waste ink by disposing a multi-ink cartridge just because you ran out of one color. There are six colors in this printer and you can simply replace each one as it runs out.

Downsides of the Stylus Photo R280

While this printer does a great job when it’s working as it should, there are quite a few design flaws and common malfunctions which make it a risky purchase. It’s also a big ink guzzler so steer clear of it unless you have deep pockets to keep it running in the long term. It’s definitely not a frequent-use machine.

One of the most commonly reported problems is that the printer will register cartridges as empty, even when they’re full. Often replacing the cartridges does not help to solve this problem. See the Consumer Response section for more information on malfunctions relating to ink cartridges.

Consumer Response to the Epson Stylus Photo R280

There has been quite a bit of negative feedback from customers who bought the R280. While most users acknowledge the printer does an excellent job when it’s in working order, that working order sometimes doesn’t last more than a few weeks. One big problem revolves around an issue with the printer registering empty ink cartridges. Some users have reported that the printer works beautifully up until the first time a cartridge needs replacing, then it goes haywire. Typically the complaint is that the printer refuses to function or doesn’t function properly after the cartridge has been replaced.

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