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Epson Stylus R220 – Rich Photos, But Thirsty on Ink

The Epson Stylus R220 is a simple photo printer without a lot of bells and whistles. Its biggest benefits are that it lets you print richly colored photos at home thanks to its six-ink cartridge system, and you can get creative with features such as the ability to print directly onto CDs and DVDs.

Top Features of the Stylus R220

There aren’t many ways in which this device stands out amongst its competitors. About the biggest factor to recommend it is the fact that you can pick one up second hand at a dirt cheap price – but there’s good reason for that.

On the upside, the printer uses six color cartridges which can be replaced separately. This leads to better color quality in the photos you print. In theory, it means you should also save money on ink since you replace each color one at a time and thus no ink is wasted. However, with the expense of ink and the rate Epson printers use it, you’re unlikely to notice any savings over competing models.

As with the other Stylus photo printers from Epson, this machine has the capability of printing directly to CDs and DVDs. This is one of the features that attracts people to this model, but bear in mind the other Stylus printers also include this for the most part and some of them are a better than the R220.

One of the biggest benefits of the printer is its friendliness to printing photos specifically for framing. It’s relatively simple to print borderless photos, although the machine is quite slow even compared to other Stylus models.

Downsides of the Stylus Photo R220

There are quite a few drawbacks to this machine. Many people become enthusiastic when they hear they can print directly to CDs and DVDs, but this is a bit trickier than you might think, since the ink will not completely dry for around 24 hours after printing. As mentioned above, this machine burns through a lot of ink like the other Stylus models, so while you can pick it up cheap you’ll end up paying more for ink over the long term.

The reason it uses so much ink is a process that occurs every time you turn the machine on and off. Each time the machine is turned back on a kind of mini-head-cleaning procedure takes place – which of course uses ink.

Consumer Response to the Epson Stylus R220

The users who like this machine seem to be fairly equal in numbers to the ones who think it’s a piece of junk. Even those who do feel positive about the machine tend to agree that it has a few major flaws, and very few people will dispute the fact that it’s hungry on ink and costs a lot to run.

On the upside, many users do appreciate the six-cartridge design which allows them to replace each color as it runs on and produces better quality color in the prints themselves.

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