Epson WorkForce 520 All In One Wireless Color Ink Jet Printer

Epson WorkForce 520 All In One Wireless Color Ink Jet Printer

by Charlie Johnson
(Norcross, GA)

When you open the box, the Epson WorkForce 520 printer is perfectly protected, it comes with a CD-ROM for the installation. The set-up is pretty easy for the printer, the scanner, the fax and the wireless feature. The replacement of the cartridges is pretty easy, it comes with 2 black cartridges and separate cartridges for the other 3 colors.

I like the fact that you can replace separate cartridges. The printing options include, fast printing, photo printing, 2 sided printing. The printing quality is pretty good. However, it is very slow to start and depending of the quality required it is pretty slow.

Also I have noticed that you need to run a test for alignment and cleaning printing heads if you want to get good results. The wireless feature is pretty tedious to set if you do it manually on the small printer screen.

It works very well on the 2.4 Ghz Wifi but not compatible with the 5 Ghz Wifi band. Also, the wireless function is not compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod, so it is not possible to print directly from these devices unless you download a specific App from Epson, which does not work well at all.

So there is clearly here a lack of integration with Epson WorkForce 520 and Mac Devices. The fax option, works seamlessly, the feeder is horizontal which makes the faxing of dozen of pages pretty easy. For the scanning, it works the same that the faxing, the feeder is horizontal, it takes about 5 minutes to scan 50 pages of text, that's pretty fast compare to my last scanner which I had to feed page per page.

I have used this Epson WorkForce 520 printer for all the last year, it uses quite a lot of ink if you want to have good quality. The cartridge prices are about 15 USD to 20 USD depending on the place you buy it, and you can probably print 150 to 200 pages of black and white text. My Epson WorkForce 520 was purchased at Bestbuy in store.

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