Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 1000 NOT Wireless Color Printer

Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 1000 NOT Wireless Color Printer

by Ruth Hammond
(Cambridge, Ohio)

HP Deskjet 1000

HP Deskjet 1000

I bought my Hewitt Packard HP Deskjet 1000 printer from a local wal mart store about one year ago. This is a simple non wireless printer that is energy star rated, which means it uses less energy than some other models.

When I was searching for my printer I was looking for quality work as well as value. The HP printer was easy and simple to set up, all I had to do was plug in a couple cords and slide in a disk that was completely self explanatory.

The Deskjet 1000 has an ISO black print speed of up to 5.5 ppm, a black draft print speed of up to 16 ppm, ISO color draft speed of up to 4 ppm, black print resolution of up to 600dpi with a color print resolution of up to 4800x1200 optimized dpi.

This HP model does not do borderless printing or support a memory card. The supported paper sizes of this model include letter or legal sizes 4x6 in, 5x7 in, 8x10 in and # 10 envelopes.

The Deskjet 1000 can handle up to 60 sheets of paper in the tray. It only takes up one USB to connect the printer. The supported operating systems for this model includes Microsoft windows 7, windows vista and windows XP with SP2 or higher. This printer works with HP 61 ink cartridges. Over 91% of people would recommend the HP Deskjet 1000 printer to their friends.

This machine is a great bargain at around $40 dollars. The print quality is awesome and uses very little ink. The cost of the HP ink is about $12 dollars for black and $16 dollars for the colored. The only problem with this printer that I have ever experienced is the paper getting jammed up to where I have to pull it back out and reinsert it. This is the second HP Deskjet 1000 printer that I have owned. The first one that I bought lasted about a year and a half.

I’m really not sure what happened to it but I do have children so it was banged around a good deal. Overall this printer works fine and is good for someone looking for a great bargain.

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Dec 21, 2011
Good Value Printer For Basic Color And Mono Printing Needs
by: Franklin Moore

The HP Deskjet 1000 printer is about as basic as it comes. I bought this printer about 4 months ago after my older printer died. What I wanted was a basic machine that did just that...print.

I got exactly what I wanted, nothing more and nothing less. This HP Deskjet costs $30 anywhere Hewlett Packard printers are sold. I bought mine from Walmart (in store purchase). The Deskjet 1000 is extremely easy to install and begin using (CD software and 1 USB cord).

You do, however, need a USB cord or have to purchase one separately because it does not come with the printer (seems to be a growing trend). I am running Windows Vista on my laptop and the computer recognized the software and HP Deskjet 1000 right away and it took no more than 5 minutes to install and begin using.

Since then I have had no troubles with using this printer with other laptops. The ink is extremely easy to change out and is the cheapest ink that I have found. You have one cartridge for black and one for color.

The unit prints about 15 black and white pages in a minute and about 10 colored. The print quality is about what you’d expect for a printer of that price. I have yet to try printing pictures with it (partly because I have a dedicated printer for printing 4x6 pictures.

The colors are crisp and the lettering is sharp. I have found also that the ink dries faster than my older printer (not sure if that is an improvement with the ink or the printer). Another nice thing about it is it is not nearly as noisy as my last printer. It's small size is another nice feature. It is about 16” by 15” (about the size of my other printer).

The only downside is that the paper dispenser is on top, so it is nearly impossible to put on a shelf or in some sort of cubicle in your desk. If you are looking for a cheap, simple to use printer that does only printing, I would highly recommend the HP Deskjet 1000.

Dec 14, 2011
HP Deskjet 1000
by: Gregory K. Fontana

We recently bought a HP Deskjet 1000 at the local Walmart for thirty dollars. We needed something simple and cheap for the kids homework printing and coupon printing. We have only had it for about two and a half months and so far it has handled well for being so cheap.

It was extremely easy to install. We inserted the ink, plugged it in and inserted the disk into the computer. There were no hiccups and the ink was easy to install. The printer itself is very simple.

It functions well as a basic color wireless printer with an in tray, an out tray, a power cord, USB cable and a power button. As for replacement ink they run approximately $13.00 for a new cartridge. A print quality is decent for what we need it for. The only negatives are that it is a little slow to turn on and slow to print. Sometimes we have to leave the computer and printer for a few minutes to do it's thing and come back to it later.

Overall the thirty dollar printer was well worth our investment and serves our purpose well.

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