HP Deskjet 3054 Wireless Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 3054 Wireless Inkjet Printer

by William Newsom
(Benton Township, IA)

HP Deskjet 3054

HP Deskjet 3054

I have an HP DeskJet 3054 All in one wireless inkjet. I bought it at Staples about 2 months ago on sale only because the ink on my last printer was extremely expensive and the ink on this is about 1/2 the price and gives more than double the pages per cartridge.

The downside of this printer was setting it up. It was extremely difficult in order to get the wireless to work and I had to install and uninstall the HP DeskJet 3054 software several times.

Some days it stays connected to the network and others it goes offline alot, at those times I have to read the printer like I am installing a new one and reboot my network to get it to work which is very time consuming and can get annoying.

Besides that when it works I have no complaints, it prints quite fast and clear even the copying comes out clear not like my old one that copied a little blurry. I get way more pages out of an ink cartridge than I did before and it doesn't stall in between projects, it just runs through them back to back with no pauses.

The scanning function on the HP DeskJet 3054 is good and clear just a little slow in the time it takes to actually scan the document and you have to open the program from the computer in order for it to scan because pushing the button on the printer face doesn't seem to work.

The fax portion is fast in dialing and sending, but again the scanning a little slow. If it did not have the issues with the network this would be a very good printer especially for the price and the ink prices.

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