HP Deskjet 4200: Copier, Scanner, Fax And Printer

HP Deskjet 4200: Copier, Scanner, Fax And Printer

by Robert Yates
(Denver, CO)

I recently purchased a HP Deskjet F4200 "All In One" series printer at my local Best Buy store. Although I compared and researched several models, at several different stores, the prices varied by locations. I actually viewed this HP Deskjet printer online and after using it in store, it was easy making up my mind.

The Customer Sales Rep at the store also helped me to make my decision. He was not only knowledgeable about HP products, but they also had the exact model already set up to be used by the customer prior too purchase.

Bryon, the sales Representative, showed me all of the HP Deskjet 4200 features "i.e." the copier, scanner, printer with built in fax,and imaging software package.

We printed several documents, a picture that was located on the hard drive, and even made a fax to the department desk. The HP ink cartridges were very easy to install, and the results were amazing. The control panel is very easy to read and the self help / troubleshooting index opens automatically to help me choose the perfect settings for the project I am working on.

I was so impressed I even purchased a Nikon Coolpix S630 with a great rebate offer.

I must say that the HP Deskjet 4200 printer is a product that I would highly recommend. If your a photographer or person that needs high quality printing services, this machine would be an excellent choice.

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Dec 22, 2011
My Deskjet F4200 Is Starting To Grow Old
by: Barbara Burke

I own a HP deskjet series F4200 printer that I bought three years ago from Best Buy in store. It serves as a printer, copier, and a scanner. It also has a slot for inserting a memory card where I can print photos automatically. I currently use it Buffalo, New York.

I found that the Deskjet F4200 printer was very easy to set up. I initially set it up on my HP laptop computer, but it is now installed with a MacBook Pro. It involved just inserting a CD and the software took care of the rest automatically.

The CD worked both with MacOS and Windows. The printer came with two cables; one plugs into the USB port of the computer and the other plugs into the wall. They are extremely easy to set up. The ink cartridges are easy to install as well; they pop right in and out.

The ink isn't expensive- it's about thirty dollars for a box of two cartridges. The paper is easy to insert into the tray. Printing a job is very easy as well- just a simple click in whatever program being used will begin the print job.

As I mentioned, I've had the HP Deskjet F4200 printer for about three years now. In the beginning, it worked much better than it does now. The copier and scanner still work fine, but the printing quality used to be much clearer than it is now.

The HP Deskjet F4200 also used to run much faster and more efficiently. Now, it seems that the paper jams at least once a print job. I've found that inserting a single sheet of paper at a time helps to correct this problem. It has therefore become harder to use because of this.

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