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HP Deskjet 5550 Printer – Efficient Home Photo Printing

The HP Deskjet 5550 printer is one of HP’s photo quality inkjet offerings. You won’t find any particularly new features on this machine, but you will find it’s made many improvements on old technology and features that have been a standard on inkjets for some time. The Deskjet 5550 delivers better results through higher resolution printing and improved ink efficiency over past HP models.

Top Features of the Deskjet 5550 Printer

The biggest selling point of this model is the crisp, high-resolution color image printing it’s capable of. This machine can print up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch on photo paper, allowing you to create high quality photo prints at home.

One of the handy innovations that does appear on this model is an ink level indicator. This helps you determine when a certain ink cartridge is due for replacement, so you know when to purchase extra ink. This helps make buying ink more efficient and ensures you don’t get caught out with no ink at the worst possible moment.

Ink efficiency is another big feature of this machine. HP printers are often quite thirsty when it comes to ink, but the 5550 is an exception.

On top of that, the machine itself is very affordable in terms of the features it includes and the quality of printing it produces. Overall, it’s a solid low cost machine for personal or home office use.

This unit also has some extra versatility when it comes to networking, which means it has potential in small business environments as well. Ethernet capabilities are an optional extra and will cost a little more, but it can make this machine a logical choice for some office and work group scenarios. It’s also handy if you have multiple computers in your home but you want to save money by using one cheap, economical printer for all of them.

Another optional add-on is a two-sided printing feature, which again can help save money on your printing needs. HP is known for offering highly customizable products, and the 5550 is a good example of that.

Downsides of the HP Deskjet 5550 Printer

One problem with this machine is a lack of compatibility with some Macs. Also, although the machine is relatively efficient compared to past HP models, it still tends to use more ink than a lot of competing inkjets.

Consumer Response to the Deskjet 5550

Many consumers enthusiastically recommend this printer as a machine capable of tackling everyday home printing tasks, especially photo printing. It’s this quality and flexibility for a variety of printing tasks that has earned the machine a great reputation. Many consumers have owned one of these machines for over five years and continue to swear by it, which is an impressive testament to its reliability.

Complaints often heard about this machine tend to center around its Mac compatibility issues and other manufacturing problems such as the fragility of the machine. It’s not particularly solidly constructed, although if you take good care of it this shouldn’t cause any major problems – just beware when transporting it.

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